Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ella ok "Outsiders" Yaake!

Hi all,

Its been ages since i cribbed about anything here.... now i take this opportunity to crib about Kannada Music Industry. Yes its the same place where you find Sunidhi Chauhan,Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam. Hariharan and most deadliest Kunal Ganjawala singing with special audio effects. Puzzled .... Yes now they are the core members of Kannda Film music... singing majority of the songs in Kannada.

Its not the case with only Kannada film Industry,It is the same with most of the south Indian Languages. I dont understand the major reason behind inviting the singer, who doesnt even know few words of Kannada when they take up their first song.

UditNarayan is the major culprit who has contributed majorly to south Indian Film Industry [For Music] for the past 3-4 years.

I am not blaming those Singers ,After all they are doing great job of contributing their voice throught India. But I am blaming those Idiots who hire such ppl[those who dont know that Regional Language] for their movies.

If you pick any album of recent movies , you can easily find one or two songs of Udit Narayan, or Kunal Ganjawala.

Any person,needs some time to understand new Language. Especially when these singers are invited for 1-2 songs ,they dont get much time to learn the language, so someone has to write the song in their[singer's] language or English.So here starts the problem of "lossy" conversion.

Each and every language has got its own set of words and most of the words depend on the peopl's proununciation. When these singers are ready to compile the song , It is obvious that they make mistakes. So the people who are assisting them has to take care . In most of the cases these care-takers are directors or assistant music directors , who will be concentrating more on music than lyrics[ofcourse they give importance but major priority will be on music] so there comes the problem of lossy conversion....

So we can hear lot of mistakes done by these imported singers ,which irritate a lot if you are true lover of music and especially Lyrics. Sometimes evnthough they correctly pronounce the song, they dont know where to strech or give importance , so obviously it wont sound like the way we expect to hear..... so this is another form of pollution...

Thats why i ask why to import ?
The music directors or movie producers demand for this import business for the following simple reason.... They want to use the popularity of the singer????? so silly.

We often find Music talents in some talent search shows like "Ede tumbi Haaduvenu " [ETV Kannada]. Why cant we use them instead of importing those non-Kannadiga's.

Nowadays even the quality of the lyrics is also coming down... God knows when we will get to hear pure Kannada songs in Kannada voice and music.

Here is some list of most popular songs by singers from North.
1. "MTV subbulakshmige" [ Movie: Upendra. Singer: One and only UditNarayan [with his nasal voice].
2. "Usire Usire" [ Movie: Huchcha Singer: Sonu Nigarm [Spoilt the song with his Extra effects] . Since this song was intially compiled by him, its been taken out and Rajesh Krishnan again gave his voice inorder to give naturality which was spoiled by Sonu Nigam. [Director finally realized this fact.
3. "Kunidhu kunidhu baare " - once again Udit Narayan for Mungaru Male.
4. "Neene Neene" from movie Aakash by Mr. Kunal Ganjawala.

list goes on....

I personally feel even the singers should take some time in learning the Language or they should avoid singing if they dont know that language. Music Directors should give opportunities to regional singers , which saves them huge amount of money .

feel free to post comments. ..
will catch you soon.
- Srini


shande said...

hi seena,

good observation ... outsiders don't use the right voice modulation. music directors should give chances to local talented singers.

btw u have a gifted voice ... why can't u try playback singing ... kannada industry needs talented ppl like u.

-- shande

Harish said...

deep analysis... good one..CAn u refer me for one song?

Sandesh said...

Most of them cant pronounce the avargeeya vyanjana 'la' which is spelt by bringing yo tongue in contact with yo upper jaw! They just touch the tongue with the teeth n say 'la'!

They also find it difficult to pronounce na! They have problem touching their upper jaw!

Sometimes they substitute swap both these letters!

Most of them are Nasal singers!! Just Like Himesh Reshammiya! One day will come when our producers will make himesh sing in Kannada! ( Suroooooooooors n Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajaaaaaaaaaaaaas in Kannada! Vyaak! )

Its mostly the producers who ask the music directors to bring in them to sing songs!

South Indian signers are no betta! If you take chitra she was a Nasal singer in initially! ( Hoovantha Hrudayavanu Hinduvireke?? - Arunaraaga' is an example!

F Y I she became popular in Kannada because of the great (Huh!) S.P.Balasubramanyam! He asked Music directors like Hamsalekha to bring in Chitra ( No Kannada Singers!), If they are not ready fo the deal, he'll not sing! So, they had to bring in chitra! Thats how she became famous!

This gave a blow to many Kannada female singers like B.R.Chaaya, Manjula Gururaj et al.,

If you observe, SPB has his Kannada clear only in songs! He hardly knew Kannada say, some 5-7 years! He used to have the song in Telugu ( His mother tongue) and sing! He demanded! Even if you see his program in ETV Kannada 'Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu' He strives to speak Kannada, mixes telugu accents (Majhya for Madhya) creates his own words(Cant recollect any at this moment) which makes us laugh! One good thing is he is tryin to Learn by speaking and he admits that!

Only Genuine Male Singer outside which i know(may be there are many others but i dont know their details) is P.B.Sreenivas!

Though he is from Andhra Pradesh, his accent is good in most of the Indian Languages as well as English! He's got a neutral accent! He is also a poet who writes songs in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu n what not?? He's got everything in his bag! If you look back in History, he sang most of his song in Kannada and that too for Dr.Rajkumar!

Its only after Sampaththige Savaal, Rajkumar started using his voice in all his songs( except in Mahishasura Mardini, where he has sung a song called 'Tumbithu Manava, thandithu sukhava!' ).

I have no info abt the other major singers in Kannada way back in 50s-60s like Ghantasaala, Seerkaali Govindan!

Thanks for allowing me to publish this long comment on this! Will try to blog on this if possible!

Srinivas B.P said...

@ Shande: Thanks ! I tried to get into Music Industry when i was in college. But now i dont have time for it. Maybe i have to think about it deeply. Thanks for invoking that idea again.

@ Harish: Yes man one blog will be dedicated to you and your "Remix" songs.

@ Sandesh: Thanks man ! your comment itself can be published as a blog.

Shreesh G Ayachit said...

Bring our god himesh..
He should sing a kannada song i say.

Shreya said...

Well i dont have any idea about Kannada Movies and its playback singers...But yeah u have given a good observation
The songs which is mention by u like usire usire(Huchhcha), nine nine(Akash )were big Hits...
n are among my favorites...
I feel people who dont know kannada add creativity to the song with their innovative ways of pronouncing kannada...
Wat say? :)
Who know in the near future even "Madonna" may sing a good kannada song ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I totally agree with u...Of course, songs sung by Sonu Nigam in Mungaru Male are awesome, but the pronounciation errors stand out like a sore thumb..."Nannavalendu" doesnt quite sound right...While saying "Nanna hesaru kooge", he pronounces hesaru in a strange Non-Kannada way....In another song, he gives too much stress to "kondu" in pronouncing padedukondu which again sounds unnatural...Wonder why they didnt correct these glaring errors before releasing the audio....Their voices are really soothing,the lyrics are very profound and meaningful, but these errors in pronounciation somewhat spoil the effect...

Mallinath Basalingappa Hoogar said...

This Blog is having a very candid and down to earth analysis of Kannada film music industry.
It is not just the kannada film music industry, but almost all the fields of creative arts, particularly in the audio-visual fields, in karnataka are dominated by 'outsiders'. It seems that we people of karnataka or "kannadigas" as we call ourselves, are not so proud of our language and culture. In karnataka, every field of public life is dominated by outsiders--either from Tamilnaadu or Andhra Pradesh, and now from north Indians--as kannadigas we do not take pride in the creative talents of our own people. Why kannada people should not conduct talent search exclusively among kannadigas and look for and nurture the talent which may be discovered through very talent search competitions which are being conducted at the national level in Hindi. Kannada people even do not own their own TV channel, as the current TV channels such as ETV, Udaya TV, and Asianet Suvarna are all owned by Telugu, Tamil and Malayalees, respectively. Why some of our rich kannada business, instead of starting some Medical college or a Engineering college, start a new TV channel which should help in harnessing and employing our own talent apart from projecting the true culture and aspirations of crores of genuine kannadigas apart from scuttling the political fallouts of these mischeivous TV channels which have their own political agendas and viewpoints to disseminate among the kannadigas.
As far as the kannada film industry is concerned, it may be difficult to get female lead actors for kannada films from among kannadigas as people in karnataka are still quite conservative and most of he young talented may not come forward to act in films. But there is no dearth of talent among male actors, singers and musicians who are eager to show their talent if given a single chance. It is also something to do with mindset of our producers and directors who seem to have much more faith in 'outsiders'creative talents than of the native kannadigas! They would prefer unashamedly to hire established talented singers and actors from 'outside' who do not have much knowledge of our language, culture, and leave alone,their ignorance about the karnataka shastriya sangeet!
As long as this mindset of kannadigas does not change, God only help poor kannadigas!

Anonymous said...


"Usire Usire", was later sung my 'Rajesh Krishnan' and not Rajesh Ramnath(who is the music director, btw). Gawd, do your research before blabbering something.

Srinivas B.P said...

@ Anynoymous: Thanks for the input. Correction added. For your kind info i am not blabbering something here. Its my blog and i honestly accept the mistake. I used to get confused during that time who was Rajesh Krishnan and Rajesh Ramnath. Its a two year old post. Anyways thanks once again for the correction.

ಕವಿತಾ said...

namage nijavaglu talented insiders bekide..why dont u try? u really have a good voice..

pallavi Balaji said...

Very nice analysis!! Keep updating your analysis and let our directors know this so the local talents are noticed. Keep up the good work.