Saturday, December 31, 2005

Malgudi Days back on POGO!!

Hi everyone , i thought the last post was my "last post " for year 2005. But i dont know i felt like writing!! so i am .

The reason for this posting is , I want to thank POGO channel for broadcasting "Malgudi Days" ,wonderful serial by ShankarNag based on R.K.Narayan's storis.

I love Malgudi days, I even like reading Malgudi Novels.

So guys if at all you are interested.. watch Pogo channel at 11:30 pm everyday[i guess].
So Have nice time. Enjoy watching Malugudi Days!!!

- Srinivas

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy New year!!!

Hi all,

Finally got some time to blog. I think this is my last blog for this year..Hardly i have posted only 7 or 8 posts!!!

This year [ 2005] was full of surprises ... variations my life .. some of them are
I finished one phase of education --> B.E [ hopefully next phase will be M.S]
I got into Job -> Emuzed.

If i go back to december 2004 i think at that time we were studying for exams. From past four years i could not celebrate new year because of exams. Hope this time i wont miss wonderful moments !!!

Eventhough i say hundred times !!! i Finished B.E. somewhere in my heart i feel Coolege life was good.... Friends, lectures .. fun ... jokes etc etc.

Anyways !!! Thats all for this year.Hope i will have wonderful time in 2006.

I wish all of you a very prosperous and wonderful New year!!!!
Do take care of yourselves. Enjoy !!! Atleast this time no Exams...

- nanuseena

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bit Busy !!! or Byte Busy!!!

Hi all !!!
I am bit busy with my job and peronal work!!! So i wont be available for few days[Even i dont know how long???] So no blogging