Saturday, March 25, 2006

Awesome movies and thanks to Raghu!!!

Hi guys,

Last weekend i met Raghu and i took few DVD's from his movie collection. I really enjoyed the movies. I saw .. Terminal,CastAway,Freaky Friday .

And i really liked the Terminal and CastAway. That tooo Cast Away is really nice one. If you get time watch it. I dont think i can live alone in a lonely island with just a And moreover Terminal Directed by Steven Spilberg. Its really awesome movie.

Thanks Raghu.... for lending me Dvds. I hope i will try watching your whole collection of DVD's

Bye Have nice weekend!!!


Its difficult to keep up words!!!

Yes Yes Yes. I finally realized. For me more than anything. Its very difficult to keep up my words. Most of the time. I simply get committed with something with someone.. For ex. I will say that i will get that CD or give that Book etc. but i wont do that.

It all depends on my moood. sometimes i feel i have to help my mom , i will say that i will help her during weekends.. i will promise my father i will write a DVD of kannada songs. But i guess i told them some 10 - 15 times till now i am not able to do it. So sad is it...

And most of the time .if someone asks me for help i wont deny and commit .. but later i suffer hell lot of pain in fullfilling things. Sometimes even i have spent things from my pocket and used my own personal time.. Sacrificed many precious moments in doin that committed work..

But if i just think for 1 more min and ask myself .. can i do this... ??? Can i finish... ?? then all my probs would get solved.. But my innself is very much fast.. no time to think .. becase of that .. I usually suffer a lot.

Many a times my friend Rahul tells me.. not to take decisions so quickly and regreat at the end. I have told him that .. i will try to change .. but i dont know how...and when..

For eg. If you go through my previous blogs.. that i promised to blog on 3 topics.. 1 i did still 2 to go.. but i dont know.. when.

Due to this speedy decision making things... I have lost many friends and many relationships.. even few of my friends misunderstoood me.. but i dont know why.. My brain wont let me for that one more extra second..

hopefully... I will improve..

Thats all for this blog

Friday, March 17, 2006

Fuckin Forwards!!!

I am extremely sorry for the title but i mean it.. I personally dont like forwards. Few of my friends even i ask them not to forward the mails.. they dont stop. I dont know in which language i have to say this.....

I dont like forwards because ... they are really silly... worst thing is mobile sms forwards.. Goodmoring messeges ,Good night messeges... I dont mind jokes.. but the words which describe friendship love... etc etc are really irritating...

Why u have to express friendship and love in words and sms's ... they are really good feelings which u have to feel rather than forward bloody sms's.

Nowadays i dont even take time to read sms's . From the first line i can make out and delete them at that moment only.

I think this 100 sms free perday has created hell lot of problem for ppl like me who hate sms's especially forward sms's. And few of them expect me to reply for those sms's..... Oh my god..

And one more thing.. We have created a group in yahoo. for friends to keep in touch.. but instead of keepin in touch it has become a place for everybody to post forwards.. I dont know what happiness they get by forwarding mails which have no sense at all..

I hope i am clear with this.. and one more funny thing is ... congractulating somebody for 100th scrap ...1000th scrap... so silly......

Anyways... forget it.. My job is fine and i am not at all getting time to blog.. but will definitely post after 10 days...

Hey Me Sandesh and Susheem and Raghu .. watched Mata and Amrutha Dhare.. last weekend ... Amrutha Dhare.. is really disaster from Nagaththihalli chandra shekar.. Mata is good .. nice fun..

Ok. Wil write about that some other day

Have nice time.