Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One more Week!!!

Hi all,

Its been a long time i posted anything here!!!! Anyways no more delays .. As my broadband connection will be arriving within 10 days!!! [ Hopefully :)]

After that i will post all things which i mentioned in my previous post !!! and also will be posting infinitely!!!

Thinking of keeping name for this blog !!! was searching for one cool name.... I think i will be naming it !!!!! ***** InfiniteLoop*****!!!! Hope i am not copying any others blog name!!! If so please let me know!!!!

Thats all for this post !!! Next time i will be posting through my Airtel BroadBand Servie!!!

one more thing checkout www.foss.in ------> Its really Cool!!! if you are an Open Source Software Fan!!!! :)

-- Enjoy!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

No Broadband!!!

Hello there,

I am not able to blog from past few days .... the reason is that i dont have
broadband connection. Blogging requires a minimal internet connction i know!!! but my existing reliance connection is having some problems !!!

I will be getting my broad band connection soon.

Here are few titles of my next posts ..... [ this acts as reminder for me to post them!!! ]

Devdas vs Finding Nemo!!!!

Projects in Engineering !!!!

Bubble / Chewing Gum!!!

thats all for this blog.
have a nice day

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Deepavali was ok ok!!!

Hello there,

This is the first time i am in Bangalore for deepavali festival.. All the past four years i celebrated the festival in my native place Shimoga. But this time everyone are here only. Nobody stays in Shimoga as my family shifted to Bangalore. So this time no native !!! no naturality ....

My native place Shimoga is around 250 K.M from Bangalore .Very cool place . I used to enjoy a lot whenever i visit Shimoga . Because i can meet all my old friends. and also all my old memories are there in Shimoga.

When i compare celebrating festival here in Bangalore. Its really boring .. Nothing to do.. Here the neighbours are not that close!!! and also life is mechanical here. Moreover ... Still i am not able to realise that this city would be my native for the rest of my life... may be that feeling stops me from enjoying much......

Anyways each city has got its own importance. Bangalore is much developed city than Shimoga... etc etc ok lets forget this comparison..

This is the first time i had so many holidays together.... From past 5 days i am in house. Now tomorrow i have to go to office once again!!!!

I almost forgot that i am working for "EMUZED".. because of the long holidays
So from tomorrow once again the mechanical life starts ... anyways working in office is really cool...

Thats all for today ...


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Few # defines !!! :)

Hello there!!!

For today its my second post.!!! what to do .. i have to take care of myself..

As you can see in any language you can find these preprocessor directives help us to include or assume few values or etc etc... in my blog i ask u people to include few "preprocessor " or pre defined things that ..

Few # defines

Whatever i say in this blog is just my opinion and what i think about the things..

If i say something bad or good about some product ,Its my wish and i will say ... and if at all it is leading to some bad meaning .. please let me know and wil try to change it ... if i think it is sensible...

and the last but not the least

Please Ignore "ESpelling Mixtakes end also Gammer Mixtakes"

Any suggessions or improvements feel free to contact me @


Thats it .. man Enjoy.....


Free means its not cheap!!!

Hi there!!!

I dont know wheather u understand the title of this blog. I really mean it . Living in India for so many years. I can say there is a general blind belief ... that if anything comes for free .. it will be of cheap quality.....

I do agree that its true for few instances but not for all??? For example

If a new product fails to hit the market. You can see that product along with some average product as a freebie..

Many a times you can see "Buy one get one free" etc etc banners .. All these .... atleast most of these are based on "Free matlab(means) cheap quality" theme.

But there are few instances where people really want to give somethings Free but no body is interested in it.!!!

One more instance is .. .. we know about all these "VARA DAKSHINE" (dowry) stuff ... right!!!

But we see few people who really not ready to take dowry .. but these oldies(not only oldies some times even educated fools ) thing that ... He (the Groome) is having some defect thats why he is not ready to take dowry...... This is the usual scenario .. So because of this fact .. Many people who are really against of these dowry stuff .. wil agree to take dowry .. inorder to get married!!!! thats really strange and bad according to me..

This applies to my favorite OS LINUX as well!!! I have seen people talking about it without having any knowledge about it. Since Linux comes free .. its not cheap!!! its really great OS according to me.

I do agree that in its initial stages things were difficult to handle Linux . But now atleast with Fedora core 4 people should try to adopt it than to deny with reasons.. that its difficult ... its free .its not easy !!!.. etc etc.. etc.

It is free because its developed by thousands of peoples' Free time....

One last thing..for the people who say Linux is difficult!!!

"Kalioovargu Bramha vidye kalitha mele kothi vidye" . this is a famous proverb in Kannada .Which means

" Any new thing .. before learning looks like huge difficult task.. once u learn it... its just a monkey trick"

Anyways i am happy with it .. Will be trying to impove its user friendliness...


Now about me i will write .. when i get mood!!! Usually its difficult for me to introduce my self .. lets continue like this ...

Have a great Day,