Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bye Bye Emuzed!!!

Hi all,
Its been some 2 or 3 weeks i posted anything here. I was bit busy as well as was recovering from my virus attack so could not get any time to post my thoughts ..

Now this post is regarding myself[infact ourselves] moving to Flextronics Software Systems. Yes ....

I joined Emuzed on last august 22 and by that time only FSS has aquired Emuzed. So after these many months they are finishing the integration process. Its like without even quitting a job or finding new job we are experiencing New Company.

It was really nice working in Emuzed . We had a wonderful Environment. Now i have to wait and see how the new experience will be ....

First thing is that FSS is really faraway from my home when i compare with Emuzed. And sad thing is we are loosing the Emuzed name and logo. Which was really cool ones...

Anyways i saw lot of changes in Emuzed during this integration process. So many my collegues left the company. So its no more Emuzed at alll.... Anyways Somethinng is happening and some change is happening . Hoping for a good change thats.. it.

I feel sad leaving Emuzed [the place where i got my first job where i learnt something professionally ,, where i learnt coding on real projects ] But life goes on....

Its my first change [eventhough not mine!!!] I dont know how many more changes in Life....

Thats all for this post... Thanks Emuzed ...for everything ...

- Srini

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Virus Attack for Seena!!!

Hi there,

Last week i had a virus attack for my PC. But somehow managed to deal with it. But now its my turn to get attacked by a virus. This time its through a mosquito. I got Fever 4 days back and as usual took crocin but never cured my sin. So when the fever continued I went to doctor. For which he gave an Injection and set of tablets to take.

But meanwhile temparature reduced and I was okay... so went to job as well. But 2 days back i got bad joint pains. It was so seviere that i could not even walk properly. That time itself i had a wague idea that , its because of that viral fever only.

Today morning had been to doctor again where he confirmed that i have got "chicken guinea"
Cant help , Took one more injection and another set of tablets. Now feeling okay. And i think i can go to work tomorrow as well[hope].

Meanwhile Mom and Dad are not letting me to do any work. So was enjoying some movies on T.V . I am not a great Football fan, Since i used to sleep whole day , took some time in the nights to watch the Brazil and France match and also Germany Vs Argentina.
But i feel Cricket is better game than football.

Only advantage which i figured out when i compared it with Cricket is , you can watch the whole match in only 2 hrs . But i never enjoyed the matches as no goals were there in many of the matches.

Anyways i came to know that i dont enjoy Football, Thats it.

You guys take care and try to avoid Mosquito bites.
If you have got fever and joint pain and some rashes on your skin. These are the symptoms of chicken guinea only.

Be careful , Any mosquito might bite you and spread the disease as a boot sector virus :)

- Bye have a nice week ahead.