Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Deepavali!!

Hi All,

I wish every one Happy Deepavali and a Prosperous new year. When compared to this deepavali from last one, life has become more boring ... :P. I think year after year things are becoming routine and i am constantly losing enthusiasm in everything. Today i felt happy bursting crackers after a long time.... I had dropped the idea of bursting crackers since 4-5 years.

During our childhood days i remember we used to wait for deepavali a lot. Its only because of crackers , the fun the joy of bursting crackers was amazing. I remember every time after bursting crackers i used to feel very sad. Don't know why but i remember i used to feel very sad and lonely after bursting crackers , but this time its reverse i felt happy and i was sad before bursting crackers.

Coming to life ... Everything is same as usual. It has become boring life .. no enthu, no trekking, no trips. Its just bugs/ solving things.. interviews... nowadays only thing i enjoy is HBO/Star movies. Whenever i get time i am addicted to movie watching. I feel i have reached a stage of life where everything seems boring...

I need a change a drastic change.... Waiting for that one. Once again i wish everyone happy deepavali.

- Srinivas