Monday, May 29, 2006

18 till i die!!!

Hi all,

I started a new blog my first in I had started a blog named But i have decided not to continue that blog as i dont want to write kanglish blog. Sorry folks i could not continue that blog.

But i will continue writing here and also a new blog where u can catch whats going on in mylife exactly what i do .. in my new blog

so catch u there and here as well. As i mentioned earlier wil be writing about what i think here and what i am doing there . Please do visit and comment my new blog as well,



Thursday, May 25, 2006

Da Vinci Code!!!

Hi All,

Finally i got two tickets for the movie Da Vinci Code so this saturday wil be going to watch the Movie "DA Vinci Code" along with Rahul.

Initially plan was to watch the movie with 5 other friends but that plan was not sure so Rahul booked the tickets so going with him. This Sunday my friend Raghu is moving out of Bangalore . He will be going to Mysore for training in Infosys. I hope i will meet him on Saturday and wish him all the best for his future ventures.

Well, My job is going on .. fine... Since i shifted from my team to another one . Its taking time to adjust and get trained to that environment. Thank god finally out of GUI development. I really enjoyed it a lot but i wanted to work on something other GUI .thanks to my new PM for recruiting me to his Team.

when i left college , was wondering where i will land up??? but my luck and blessings of the god kept me in a place where i am really comfortable. I really enjoyed in this Company, We work on Mobile Multimedia. Some otherday i will explain about my office/work.

Still miss those old/golden college days , its been an year after i left college but still feel that i am on a summer holiday. Nowadays eventhough i dont have much work i am bit relaxed. When i was in the other team even after not having work i used to feel the pressure /tension in my mind weather i will get some good work other than GUI or not , weather i will be allowed to move to other team or not!!! etc ,

But now after i moved into new team feeling bit relaxed , Eventhough not much work i am assured that i will get work some or the otherday[may be in near future..

Thats all for this personal post...

- Srini

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Boro Boru!!!

Hi ,,,,

When i was in school precisely pri mary school. We had one poem in hindi ,, i dont remember its name also.. but it was about a poet missing his childhood and tells in the end ... oh childhood u were so wonderful why dont u come back again...

At that time i was in primary school so was not able to understand the meaning but now i am realising.. childhood was so wonderful.. no tension nothing.. eveythin will be taken up by the parents .... i enjoyed it... [every one enjoys it]

I think its our [human] weekeness to miss things when its not present.. we speak about college days when we are out of college and speak about primary school when we were in high school..

But one thing i observed between this life and college life is .. as a quote college life was golden life.. i dont think i will have that experience again...

I am bugged of this routine .. daily get up eat something and go to office which is 17 kms away from house in a dabba traffic jam road sit check mail read forwards tea time... after that some work and then eat something and again work .. tea and comeback in that dabba road.. and sit infront of comp chat with any body available or watch tv.... and blog something and sleep ...

weekends were okay atleast i can meet my friends and talk about our college days etc etc.... but now i was thinking .. how long this boredum...

If i get busy with work.. i dont think i will get time for blog... but even if i get busy with work .. whats there in life.... earn spend earn spend.. try to enjoy....

Sometimes my friend Sandy says" i want to go to Himalays for tapassu"... is that an idea for this problem..

Is this the life............................................................???????????????????????

Software engineers nowadays are like money making machines.. few of us work on saturday and sunday also... so whats there in life only code and debug........ ...

I am already bugged[still i have not gone that deep work] with this routine... i dont know what i will say when i really get inside the work..................

if you are feel some other things please comment ....... if u have any suggessions to come out of this deadlock.. pls tel it to me..

---- Srini
[in full boring moood] :(

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First time everythig will be good!!!

Hi all,

In our lives i have observed this fact.. take anything for that matter .. first time everything will be having thrill exitement... lemme go in detail...

I was really happy when my father bought a new comp... [my first comp] after that i have bought many comps recently bought a 64 bit .. the exitement , the joy, the happiness.. i felt during first pc was not at all there.....

They very first semester of BE all new friends,,,, new city ... new challenges.. new system of exams .. ella super... after that one by one semesters passed and finally we ended up saying "First sem was really awesome"....

The very first time i learnt to ride cycle... i dont know what u call we used to call it "waalpedal" means pedling cycle without sitting on the cycle instead putting legs inside the bar of bycycle...

the very first time i learnt playing my Keyboard.... very first time i was given a chance to ride bike....

Take anything for that matter.. First time [most of the times] will be some or the other way it would be wonderful..... [ even first time i failed in exam also was a different experience]

But i dont know.. its because of the fact that we know it... or because of the fact that it had lost interest... we dont enjoy it if we do again and again....

Now at present moment i dont have anythings which i call firsts...... may be first bug.. first crash.. first delivery......

Whatever .. so enjoy your firsts properly who knows... Second is available or not....

How about First time marriage.. divorce...... ??????

- Srini

Monday, May 15, 2006

Reservations Reservations!!!

Hi All,

U all might be aware of this reservation issues. Actually i usually dont read news papers and dont like to watch News. If at all i am free i will check only the special editions because they are all more colorful and wont contain any political issues as i dont like politics and till now i have never voted in any elections.

But yesterday i read students fighting against reservation for students. so went through papers . The result of that reading is this post. Only thought i got after reading the papers is "Why these politicians Suck!!!!" . Yes

My knowledge about history is also not good but according to my knowledge , why there is special consideration for few castes is because they suffered a lot one time and they were being treated really badly. So as a result of that they get few benefits from government.

I agree they were treated really sad those days and i agree for whatever benefits etc they are getting now.. But if i think from another point of view ... only question is .. how Long???

yes how long they are going to get benefits... this is not acceptable.. because its already 55 yrs we got independence .. the ppl who suffered those times might not exist today even if they exist .. they got benefits from past 50 yrs thats not enough???

Please any one of should not feel bad because i said this... But we are all same and we are all human beings. We should be treated equally.

Okay now i dont want the government to take out the benefits.. but whatever they are getting is enough... why more... 50% is really insane. If this happens .. someday the other castes which dont get any will have to apply for benefits...

This is the reason i dont vote .. because whoever comes as an elected member he just works for his benefit.. why the hell i should spend my precious time on going to the election booth and get a black mark on my finger....

Thats all for the day....


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sandy Enamma!!!

Hello Everyone , Extemely sorry for this post .. i think nobody understands this.. Anyways,,,

This post is completely dedicated to my friend Sandy and his adventures....

In college we had a group , and all the group members were really enthusiastic and enjoying all the time.. whenever somebody see's a girl or talks to any new girl .. everyone used to call him in a big dragging voice .. Mr. X .. Enammma.... Samachara ... For eg. if i meet with any girl or speak to any new girl .. they used to call me Seena Enamma... [ most of the times the voice was prenominant with Mundan voice (one of our friend)]

So this time its the turn of Sandesh.. its just for joke and nothing special.. and i hope nobody considers it serious.. its just for fun..

So from past few days we are teasing sandy by sending "Sandy Enamma" sms's mails etc and for the wonder he is responding really well for those sms's..

So if u know sandy and want to have some fun mail/ sms / with caption "Sandy Enamma" and have the pleasure...

Sorry Sandy.. Take it easy baby...


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Found My Wallet!!!!

Hi All,

You might have read my recent post "Lost my Wallet". Now i found it. I told that i lost it in my house. My Mom found my wallet in Kitchen in some box it seems, So i simply blocked my cards. One good thing is that i found my original driving Licence.My mom told she already took the money :(

Anyways. its good that i found it back.. My life is going smoother... Till monday i am free so enjoying life till that time. After that i dont get time to write blogs i guess i have so much work..

Thats all for the post ...


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Unlimited to Limited!!!

Hi all,

Yes its party time. Let me tell u what it is , The momnet i got my airtel braodband bill i was shocked it was some 1300R.S. I have taken Airtel unlimited 128 kbps line for rs 699 + 10.2% of service charges/tax.

But one fine day i got a call from airtel saying that i am the 1/1000th customer to get this lucky call through which i get an additional offer of free calls with my landline where i need to pay extra amount of 300 Rs where all other users pay 499 for this plan, I thought since i get more free calls, i decided to go for that plan [ What a way bo make Bakra ]

today i called airtel ppl and asked abou this thing they said they dont know anything about that offer and i am charged 699+499+10.2% of tax. What the hell,

I decided to cancel the plan, but the airtel guy informed me that i cant quit the plan there is only chances of changin the plan, i thought what is this torture.

But finally he suggested a plan which says i need to pay 799+10.2 % of tax for which i get 256 kbps speed and unlimited browsing and 1GB download and upload limit.

First i asked that guy to confirm is it true that browsing is free. because in BSNL 500 plan they consider browsing also as downloading . So i asked him to transfer me to technical team but he told he himself is the technical guy and ensured that browsing is complelely free,

Since nowadays i am not much browsing nor my borther does.. so changed my plan,

So now with 256 kbps i can rock , only pain is i have to check my account in order to prevent airtel ppl from fooling me in the name of special offer.

So you guys also take care your bills, because we cant trust anybody nowadys hidden charges etc will ruin life...


One more funny incident i had already told u guys that i have lost my wallet. i had also lost one credit card and its PIN no.
When i complained about this and blocked the card .
She asked me weather i lost the pin also along with the card, i said "yes"

So she asked me to go to the police station nearby and asked me to give a complaint that i have lost the card and pin and i am not responsible for the manual transactions of this card.

First i was surprized to hear police coming between me and my card.. finally she told
according to her

Electronic transaction = purchasing anything from card swiping
Manual transaction = taking money from CreditCard ATM's with the PIn

So she said she can only block the electronic transaction it seems, so they dont have any way to block this so called Manual Transaction...

Its really hopeless system whenever u insert the card [ which is lost] they can easily find that and they can block or they can swallow the card.. but they said its not possible.

I never wanted to give any complaint and all so kept myself shut.. So if u guys find my wallet u can enjoy with my card and pin ....

So never loose card and pin otherwise u have to go to police station [ when u are getting card no police nothing but when u loose u have to do all sort of circus ]


Friday, May 05, 2006

idu enidenidu????

I think in a matter of few weeks without work ... i will definitely become mad ..

This is really insane. In my life never i was like this. My last worst days were in Mathematics classess of 4th Sem [ i managed to score 90/100].

Nowadays nothing i am doing come to office check mails blogs and then play carrom which is the only source of entertainment.

So was finding nothing to do so wrote this blog next i will write about my favorite characters in movies.. one of the best is Timon and phumba of Lion King..

Hakuna Matata...


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Frustrated Bugged Seena!!!

Hi all,

A single picture is more than 1000 words .. so this explains my situation right now...