Monday, December 01, 2008

Some Junk ppl!

Hi ,

Life is all about meeting new ppl, interacting with them. Few ppl leave a long lasting impression on you .. Positively/Negetively. Few ppl think that u are not so good or u do only wrong things and crib about you.. but few really like u and accpet the things done by you. And later this initial interaction might make you some one as FRIEND. Yes so in some sense when ppl become too close to you and when u like them... a new Friendship starts. 

No matter they are good or bad. you dont know about them in the inital phase and later you will definitly come to know about the person and so u can decide about him. 

In my life i have met lots and lots of ppl and many of them are really nice ppl and they are so nice that they like what i do and what i speak. Also many a times there are ppl who think i am not so good or whatever blah blah.. so they tend to avoid me .. Thats perfectly fine for me :) after all you cant be good for every one or you cant be smart enough to handle all the ppl . you are living for yourself and not for others ..... 

But now to the title of this post. JUNK ppl. Very rarely met few ppl who are so stupid and pathetic when u look into their heart or brain. These are the ppl who lived with u for some time i mean they had some interactions with you in one or the other sense, but still they didnt understood you. But even after that instead of being normal they tend to act like as if they know you and they enact that they are very nice to you ... 

But meanwhile they actually hate you from inside the heart. Which means all the good things they said towards you are just for the SAKE. and infact they dont like you [ but its ok i dont expect ppl to be nice to me everytime] but.... when they dont like you why cant they say directly to you.... they just go and meet other ppl [may be your friends] .. and say all kind of bad things about you.... 

when u actually come to know about that person through other ppl its so cheap .... :| . So today i have come across one such entity of life [ i cant even call that person as PERSON because of so cheap menatlity] . Eventhough i know about this person's menatlity , i just greeted hi how are you and stuf... But that person didnt even bother to reply...   

So why i am thinking so much about that idiotic behaviour..... ??? Even i dont know but somewhere you feel pity for them.. WTH the same person who acted like they know you and stuff... forgot everything and dont have the common sense of replying to your Hi BYE or whatever..... 

Moral : Be Nice to ppl no matter they are good or bad. Try to be humble and try to atleast reply when they try to talk/chat with u... instead of being silent[where u have not gained anything]. 

- Srini

Saturday, November 01, 2008

UBUNTU 8.04 to 8.10 upgrade problem!!!!

Hi ,

This post dedicated to all the ppl who are facing problems with the latest ubuntu update. I started using UBUNTU from past one month. The version which i downloaded was 8.04. I installed it using a CD . For the first time in my life, all my hardware devices worked for me without any problem. The moment i installed ubuntu, i was like..... Awesome man... ohhhh aaaaaaaaaaah stuff. Sound ,Video, X , Ethernet, Internet everything works. UBUNTU ppl have nailed linux Desktop :).

Now recenltly i tried to upgrade to 8.10 version. Upgrade went smoothly.But once i restarted the machine after upgrade. The user interface Hangs, fortunately my Failsafe Gnome option worked well for me. Through which i was able to browse the net for help. After one hour searching and trying 2-3 alternatives , in one of the forums i found that , During login you need to specifically choose the GNOME option, and this worked for me as well. ( Eventhough your default option was GNOME before upgrade ]

I thought of posting this. By default the option to login will be in Running X Script option . So change it to GNOME and hopefullly if you dont have any other issues, you can easily login and use the latest version of UBUNTU.

---- UBUNTU ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Srini

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Windows REFRESH syndrome!!!!

Hi ,

Recently i was waiting for one of the movie torrents to finish off. So i was not browsing anything or not even reading anything on my desktop. I suddenly noticed that i was doing something on my desktop, In fact without my notice my right hand used to right-click and press refresh on the desktop. I was surprised, by this action. This is the most common behavior of all [at least most of them] to press refresh menu repeatedly when they dont have anything to do.

According to me, this is a syndrome. Its a general misconception that by pressing refresh menu you can boostup or speedup machine. According to my technical knowledge pressing refresh will refresh the screen or infact it redraws the screen and windows on the desktop. Apart from these things i dont see any connection to refresh the system memory or ram cleanup or something of that sort. But this general misconception has made ppl mad behind this refresh menu. Apart from StatMenu button , probably this refresh menu is the most used menu in windows environment till date i feel ;).

I am just trying to forget that there is a refresh menu on the desktop to come out of this syndrome. Also i am using UBUNTU majorly these days for my day to day activities which eventually prevents me from REFRESH syndrome.

If you also have REFRESH SYNDROME pls share your experiences , comment.

- Srini

Monday, September 08, 2008

Google Chrome !!

Hi all,

Its been almost 4-5 days of Google's new browser Chrome's release. I was also exited to use Google product, as i really like the way google works, a simple user interface, cool technology and features. I was really eager to download and use . At the first place i really like the way they have designed the user interface. Just using it for 20 mins , I uninstalled Firefox which was my favorite browser. Everything went smooth for 2 days. I read the google book about how chrome is designed and how efficient it is in terms of handling the browser crashes. But somehow after i used it for few times i started facing problems, Yes the browser won't crash. But it hangs!!! ;) .

My very first observation was , I wanted to view the video of google developers explaining about google chrome. When i moved the mouse over the video , the video freezed for 2-3 seconds, I was initially surprized and then i moved the cursor once again to get the same results. Then i started experimenting it, I try to browser youtube, but i could not reproduce the issue. Then i thought the probelm exists when u embed a youtube video.

I usually watch a lot of video's , some times 3GP content , Instead of downloading i use QuickTime player which plays the content inside the browser itself. Initially it worked fine but i have seen many a times the browser hangs..

And whenever i have seen this hanging browser it will not allow me to click other tabs as well. So i need to minimize it and then try my luck. Its quite stable as it never crashed . But its still needs to be tested . After all its a beta.

Few of my friends were not able to use it as after installation somehow they are not able to browse the net. Also Few of my friends are not installing it as its not having features like Ad-block or no - script.

Even sometimes , when u scoll the gmail window. The chat windows behave crazy. So after facing all these problems. I just thought i will wait till google fixes all these bugs. So one again i had to install Firefox.

I really appreciate the effort to introduce new technology. Atleast its not that worth to use it unless you really want to use Google product. I liked the User Interface, Minimal UI approach. Even the browsing speed was excellent . But Nothing infront of "Hang" bug.

Thats what i thought about Chrome. :) Firefox rocks ;) . If you have faced any issues pls comment and share.

- Srini

Monday, August 25, 2008

Phoonk Rocks!!!

Hi All,
I saw Ram Gopal Verma's Phoonk , Its a thriller/horror movie. I saw the movie in a theatre near my house named Kamakya , It was a second show. I wanted to watch this movie on the first day of its release but somehow i could not find any company. But when i was just lying on bed on Sunday at 8:30 , I just got a weired idea of watching "Phoonk" in kamakya theatre. I went alone for the movie.

I really like scary/horror/thriller movies. This one was a treat for me as its been a long time I saw any of such kind movies. The last movie which i saw in theatre was "The Happening" I just felt scared only one time in the movie. And there was nothing to make u feel scared, in the movie. But this one is amazing experience. First of all nice Background score, The movie is hit only because of this. You cant deny the story, but for Indian's the story is very old. The concept of Black magic is narrated very simple manner.

I like horror movies if they don't contain dirty faces , or masks. I still remember "Zee Horror show" by Sham/Tulsi Ramsey. All they used to do is to shoot in a grave yard with dirty faces plus special sounds. My all time favorite movie in horror category is "The Sixth Sense" . It was a great example for a thriller movie. and also a best example to demonstrate how to scare ppl only with concept and sound effects.

Well coming to Phoonk . The story is very simple , its about Black magic done for the daughter of a Builder acted by Suddep [ Kannada Actor] , and how they get rid of this thing. Sudeep has really acted nicely , also proved the reason why Ramu chose him for the script.

Well that's all i can say , Don't miss this movie and try to watch it in big screen . You can easily get scared. It was a" paisa wasool" movie. I just payed Rs 60 for the movie ticket. and Phoonk is really worth a watch. Even after coming out of theatre my heart was beating twice its speed. I really got scared for 4-5 scenes which was a delight for me . I really enjoyed this one. :) good break from usual routine.

My Rating : 4/5 [ I wanted to give 5 but , there exists one scene where they show growing hands of a grand mother which was just funny ]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

3 Years in Software Industry !!!! Phew.... ;)

Hi ,
I complete 3 years in Software Industry, On August 22nd 2005 was the day i Joined my first company. Even after these 3 years i still miss my college days, friends and fun. It was not a easy journy through these years, The first year was really tough finding out what kind of work i like. Its always the fact that what i like i could not get to work. I was the junior most in my team. So obviously used to miss friends. 2nd year was awesome as we were aquired by some big company got lots of friends and work wise no improvement , but i had nice time i enjoyed a lot played lots of carrom. Soon the fun went away as i left that job and joined a startup ... At that point of time i realized, its not just only good work which keeps you happy. In this company no fun only work all the 365 days. In my previous company i used to crib that i dont have any work or good work. In the present company i started cribbing as i had not much fun. Later realised that we wont get what we want. now in this 3rd year i have adjusted myself to this environment. So things are going fine.

Some wonderful memories. during these 3 years.
1. I was working on linux for the first year.
2. I met some good ppl ... Shreesh,Shande,Harish,Rolls, div/sug/ many more ... had nice time.
3. Phooljhadi .
4. Had been to Korea.
5. Few things i cant tell actually ;)

Thats all for this post.

- Srini

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Hate......

Hi ,
After a long time one post.....

Usual day at office and I am trying to explain something to my colleague .. some piece of code to the newcomer. The moment i am trying to tell the sequence of function calls... Mr. X opens a notepad and starts typing something.... i was like... oh! boy ... Fine some ppl have the habit of noting down all the things on paper ... Then after some time i saw him debugging some code .. where i wanted to change the argument of a function call... since the keyboard and mouse were nearby i was about to type ... and sudeenly mr X makes a dirty face and grabs mouse from my hand and says... What are you doing... wait... he firsts copies the line and paste's it back and comments it out... and says .. see this is the way...... I was like **** **** *** .

I dont understand this idiotic behaviour... i agree sometimes u are new to something.. u make a note of it... or take a backup... but just for one single line.. if u are thinking of taking a backup ... u better be at home with hunderets of .txt files or carbon sheets or whatever....

1. Some one grabbing mouse.
2. Someone not allowing me to speak.
3. Someone ignoring me ...

- Thats all for this post...
- Srini

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy shivarathri :)

Hi ,
I wish u all a happy shivarathri :) May the lord shiva make all your dreams come true. Today is shivarathri a very special day. As the name suggests Shiva rathri is more famous for "Jagarane" , which means not sleeping whole night and praying shiva.

Shivarathri has always been a special festival at home. Now regarding jagarane i have some nice moments till date, thought of sharing them one by one....

As i dig through my memory ... when i was kid , i used to say to mom , with full josh that "this time i am going to do jagarane , so please dont force me to sleep ok". mom used to reply "let me see how long it goes ". and i used to think big deal one day i can easily skip sleeping.... now after dinner the next program is to sleep, since i have already declared about my jagarane, i was thinking what to do.. ok let me watch the movie. In those days Doordarshan was the only tv channel, and they used to play a devotional movie only after 1AM. So i used to wait for that, but i was never successful and used to sleep either just before the movie, or used to sleep after watching the initial titles of the movie, the next morning mom and dad used to tease me for not doing jagarane.

Then came an era where we friends used to discuss among ourselves the plan for jagarane. I think it was 8th standard , we decided to do jagarane at chummy's house. With all josh we entered sumanth's house played cricket / badminton under lights . and then what?? At 12 o clock sumanth's mother gave us payasam, and within half an hour ,all of us were in deep sleep. the next day sumanth' mother asked ... "aha aha jagarane anthe jagarane 12 o clock ella nidde..."
thats it same thing again happened in 9th standard , in chummy's house me and raghu , only difference is like i slept at 1'o clock. That day i was thinking simply to sleep i came here che....

But the most memorable shivarathri was when i was in 10th standard. This time it was just me and sumanth. It was just study holidays and we were having exams next to next week of shivarathri. I had firmly decided that i should do jagarane at any cost. And i had decided that i will read Biology subject completely whole night. so we started at 10 o clock and sumanth told me" seena plz just 2 mins i will get up my eyes are burning but i am sure i will get up after 2 mins" , thats it after half an hour i tried to wake him up but i could not . But since i had decided to read I went on and on and on and on... not even a single time i felt like sleeping . that too after sumanth slept i had wonderful concentration and i finished chapter by chapter . And exactly at 6 o clock in the morning , i turned the last page of biology book , sumanth's mom came and opened the door and she was shocked at the sight, and asked you were awake whole night, and i told her yes aunty I was so happy at that time , i was feeling like i had won a battle. i got up and went to my home and thats it.... jagarane was successul..... :)

I had read that subject so well that i never bothered to revise the day before exam. Poor chap chummy was in trouble as i was the one who used to plan the study time table there was not even a single day allocated for biology , somehow he managed to read by himself [sorry sumanth ;)].

Thats it till date , i never got that much determination to do jagarane. All my attempts to do jagarane just went unsuccessful. Many a times i had plannned for watching movies, tv, net ... once even tried learning c#/.net . but i could not do any of them.

Now today is shivarathri , and i have decided this time i will surely do jagarane. ITs 10:23 PM and i am still writing this lengthy post.... the next program is to visit Temple nearby [as it will be very less crowded ] . This time my jagarane program starts at 11:00 PM . Have something in mind . Let me see how far it goes.... I hope i will be successful this time atleast :) will tell you in my next post.

May all your dreams come true. Try celebrating shivarathri :)

PS: this time also when mom heard that i am going to do nightout she was like ... aha aha nodona antha.... I hope i will be successful this time.

- Seena

Monday, January 28, 2008

Non sense!

Hi there, me back with some junk [as usual]. Just have a look at the photo attached, yes its the same which we see daily and try to ignore, one fine day since i was stuck at some signal, I used my 6300 to take this one specially for this post.

Now whats wrong with these ppl, I have been thinking about this post or rather about this issue from past 3 months, never got time to write and i feel today its the right time. Daily on the road side we see such kind of vinyl banners, containing some 30 + photos embedded using photo shop spoiling the beauty of the city. You can see such photos every where , nowadays there is no reason left for them to affix all of their photos and just place it where ever they want.

The above photo is kept wishing birthday of some idiot, and his fan following. I have seen such kind of vinyl boardings just containing some 40+ photos and all of them placed tightly in a single frame. The reason for keeping such kind of boardings is as pathetic as the frame itself, some of the examples are wishing birthday, or wishing for the completion of one year in the party, or some group of idiots doing some poooja or some ppl for distribution of cloths to poor ppl.

The reason might be noble one , but my question is why do we need such big posters and that too containing so may photos. If you are trying to wish some one why cant you do it personally or even if you want to celebrate go and distribute sweet or whatever to poor ppl , but why to spend some thousands of money to spoil the nature. It looks so ugly and these posters lie there for months together even thought the occasion lasts for one day.

I have seen hell lot such boardings and every time i see them , i feel very much angry and my blood boils . Why the hell should i watch a big boarding containing photos of hundreds of idiots of different sizes and shapes, and that too at traffic signals, Nowadays I have controlled my anger as i cant do anything about , so thought i will crib here and i am done with it. If you are one among those hundred parties or group of ppl celebrating birthday of someone please try avoiding such a nonsense activity of placing a big vinyl banner with so many photos . Please we can do lot of things rather than wasting money on this and spoiling nature. :)

PS: All my anger got decreased even i was feeling happy when i was painting black on the faces :) . I pity the graphic designer who does this daily as a part of his job. poor chap .

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Hidden Talent!!!

Hi All,
Due to technical reasons[unavailability of clips] "Simple things" post have been postponed to tomorrow ... That was supposed to be the first blog for this year:( . So First of all I wish all of you Happy new year :) 2008. It already 8 days over in 2008 , as usual i am lazy ... ;)

Now straight into the topic .My hidden talent... yes , if you have never met me or talk to me over phone then u are not aware of one deadly talent of mine.. yes its deadly.... that is Music . I love music. Yes somewhere in my mind i think i am a good singer or musician [ thats actually the major culprit "I THINK" but "I am not " ] So want to share some funny experiences with ppl .

If i just think about flash back.... my memory tells me that "LALI LALI" song from swathi muthyam is the first ever song which i appreciated a lot .Its a lullaby and a Telugu Song. I think when i was in Play home i used to sing this song by myself, later i realized that i love songs i like music , so used to hammmm which ever song i come across, those were the days where the whole family used to watch Telugu movies and i used to learn all songs .. atleast the first few lines and just sing aloud....

Now after few years, i started liking music a lot so used to listen all kinds of music and learn whichever i used to like . So things were going smoothly till i joined high school and college, till that time i used to sing only in competitions and at home , so nobody had any problems with me.

Once i joined college , i got the freedom of singing anytime , anywhere . Good thing was our college had big rooms , i used to get echo effects if i sing aloud, i used to enjoy that and somehow forgot that ppl are around , so started singing... Since then i dont have any stop for my singing . Everyday everywhere , i started singing. It went on to a stage where ppl used to beg "seena pls stop singing" ;) ;) but still i never used to listen to anyone .

I remember once our HOD told me "Srinivas we will recognize your voice even if u are around 20 meterss away from us" ;) . I never knew weather its a compliment or a comment ;) I took it as compliment and used to sing even when ever i was passing their rooms :) .

During exams , there are few instances where ppl have asked me to go out because i sing while reading . :) I always have different kinds differenst sets of songs for the particular situations. The song comes out of me depending on the moood. So u can make a blind guess of 'state of my mind' by the song which i am singing.

In my previous company there was a poor person who is bugged of my songs . Daily morning i used to sing "Subha subha " and "Door jithna bhi tum mujhse paas tere mein "from JAL. Daily some 30 -40 times. She even asked me plesase Srinivas please stop it. Ever since i came to know she hates my songs. I had doubled my count and sang the same song .... ;) ;) ;)

I have even got some nick names .. like "Seena nigam " "Seenumiya" ,Thanks to vineeth for the names ;)

Ok now time for some confession. For all those guys who got disturbed of my songs during their exams .... and all those who got disturbed during their work , please dont feel bad. Its just in order to keep things coool was singing . I never had any intension of disturbing you .... :) thats it.

So "yeah sil silaa chaltha rahega" ... I keep continuing my this talent. Right now my inspiration for music is Mr. Mono mooorthy of "Mungaru male" movie. After 30 yrs of exp in Software Industry now he is pursuing his interest in music.

Even I will come back one day with some wonderful music [ i think so ;)] . So you guys can expect a movie after 25 yrs...... may be named "Mungaru Kole/KALE" and I will be the music director , there will be slight change in my name . it will be "Stereo" moorty :)

Thats all for now , catch you with next post

- Seena [ Futuristic name "Stereo" Moorthy ].
[please ignore my espelling mixtakes]