Monday, January 30, 2006

Devdas Vs Finding Nemo!!!!

Hi all,

Its been a long time i wrote any post!! Well i was busy with my job. Now got some time . From long time i have been saying that i will be writing this one but now here it is!!! Sorry for the delay!!!

Devdas Vs Finding Nemo

Well you might be wondering whats the relationship between a old Epic story and animated Nemo. Yes i do agree there exists no relationship . But i found few things to say about these two movies.The result is this blog.


If you have seen Devdas movie you must appreciate the costume, the locality the creativity shown by SanjayLeela Bhansali!!! What a combination of stars Sharukh, Aishwarya, Madhuri and even the dialogues by Jackie sherroff are awesome.

I heard that they spent around 25 crores for this movie..Eveything is ok,,,

But my question is ..... Everyone knows about the Devdas story [ most of them] it came in most of the languages .. Moreover it was shoted in Hindi first [ Dilipkumar's movie] It was there already on screen. Why they remade once again in Hindi!!! That too spending 25 crores, is it worth for a movie that tooo Devdas???

What moral you can get from the movie. Few reasons why i hate this movie is...

1. No moral , u cant enjoy !!!! Sadmovie and Sad Ending
2. Atmost if at all you want to bring some moral or some sense out of this movie is
" If you love and your love fails Drink hell lot of Whisky or Alcohol".
3. This will increase the pain of ppl who already suffered with Love failure.

Thats it!!! I better wont review the whole movie. I really appreciate Sanjay leela Bhansali for his best Movie "Black" but Devdas is just waste of Creativity energy money. SLB could have done a better movie than the old bugging bloody Devdas story.

So thats all now about

Finding Nemo

Its a great movie. A simple story with a nice moral. Its a story of a Fish finding his son [which is cought by divers of Sea]

Nobody can believe that a fish can talk !!! But The movie Director has made the animation and the screenplay so real that ... After the movie you feel that Even fishes live like Human beings keeping realationships , feelings etc etc.

If you have not seen this movie just go and watch today!!! Its really awesome movie.

The animation quality is so good that !!! for a moment you will forget that its a animated movie.
Its all bout how a parent should treat his child. And moreover you should appreciate the work done by animators and dialogue writers, and moreover the director for a such a wonderful story for a simple concept.

Thats all i want you ppl to enjoy the movie rather than myself describing th e movie.

-----------------------> So i was just thinking why we cant find such wonderful movies. Why to remake old story once again . That tooo so boring and having no meaning.

Anyways they were ready to spend crores, why not a movie like Nemo. Just simply spending money on waste films like Devdas they could have done some better movie.

But Devdas is much more acceptable when u see the movies of recent trend ... Ugly, B grade movies like Murder, etc etc.[ I hate hindi movies nowadays]

Thats all for the moment ,


[ ps: i feel i could have written better than this --> No mood :( ]

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is God greater than Human ???

Actually i wanted to write "Devdas vs Finding Nemo" But i felt this is important so postponed that topic for my next post.

Well while writing this post , i am really sad!! Today i read in news paper that hundreds of people dying in Mecca Stampede.

According to me God is great!! Infact really great for creating this world. But it doesnt mean that in the name of God u can do anything!!

I seriously pity on people who think "praying hard u can reach god". If u love god then atleast u dont kill anybody that too on a stampede. I agree because of the environment people act crazy but i think everyone will have some amount of common sense which should prevent them from this kind of mass murders.

Sometimes it happens that you have to save your life and you will be running and u step on other person , but when u go to pray god i dont think u have to run for lives, Some amount of decipline can save many people.

I am not targetting for Mecca stampede its just an example, We often read in News Papers people dying because of the stampede.

Sometimes even i read in papers people dying because of stampede in Q's for getting Kerosene, Amarnath Yatra, Dying in Ayyappa Darshanam ...

Hope in my life I will try to avoid myself becoming cause for somebody else's death. that too on a stampede.Never!!!!

The thought of becoming a murderer is so cheap ... I dont know How people accept these things.

Thats all for the day!!!


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Sankranthi!!

Hi everyone,

I wish u happy Makara Sankranthi!!!

Ellarigu Makara Sankranthiya Shubhashayagalu.

Next post will be....

"Finding Nemo vs Devdas"

Thats all for this blog!!!


Sunday, January 08, 2006

To Divide is to Rule!!!! and "Kaat" culture!!!

Hi Everyone there,

What is "Kaat" !!! Its not the one on which u sleep[cot] its a different and very famous word among us. Ok directly into the topic . Most of the times i have observed my friends even my colleagues using this special term "Kaat" Its used to address people from TamilNadu!!
Surprized.... Even i was when i heard it for the first time.

Ok i will come to that point after some time . Let me start the first topic " To divide is to Rule".

Why we divide things!!! it can be community, people, program, Code for that matter. We divide that particular entity to handle it in a comfortable manner precisely rule it.

It will be difficult for the government to handle whole India at a strech. So India is divided into states,districts,cities, etc etc ... So that it will be easy to handle small amount in a comfortable manner.

So accordingly each and every state has its own culture , Language, so as a whole we are Indians. So Being INDIANS we should respect whole India and thereby each and every culture existing in India.

But usually this wont happen. We usually will be quarreling with each other and blaming others for the cause.

When i enquired about this "Kaat" the answers i got are funny.
They hate Tamilians because
1. they wear funny dresses[especially green],
2.they are not clean,
3. they are illiterate,
4.they are partial towards tamilians.

Few of my friends say that when someone went to TamilNadu for a job, he suffered a lot so thats the reason this guy[my friend] hate Tamilians and call them Kaat.

Quite often i face this question --->[ when i meet them after a long time]

Hi Maga How many Kannadigaa's are there in your company!! In My company more kaat's and people from kerala, !!!!! [ they nag their faces]....

---------------> This is really sad. I pity on people who think like this. Actually this is Kaat culture.

My definition of Kaat is :

Kaat is the person who thinks people from other states are sad[ kaat]...


I do agree !! sometimes we we face problems when we are trying to live in diffrent community and it becomes little difficult to adjust. It doesn't mean that they are kaat.

So i dont know how many of you agree for this. According to me we are all Indians and we should never waste time on such silly things. Thats what i wanted to say. Being Kannadigaa's we should always open our hearts for other culture and language also.

We should always try to find new things and learn new things explore diffrent culture and try to find some good things. leaving all that if we think --->that is kaat, i hate it and this is kerala i dont like it!!! then we are the loosers.

For all the people who hate tamilians i would like to say one thing-->

Sir. C.V.Raman is from Tamil Nadu and he is the first person to get Noble for India.

Ok thats all for the day!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Somany Changes in Life!!!

This is my posting for this New Year 2006. On this occassion i felt like writing letter to one of my frined [ not email normal letter] then i realised that i forgot my handwriting..????
Yup its been a long time i wrote anything by hand . Because of Computer my hands never got any chance of writing using Pen/Pencil.

I tried some three four times. then i was able to get my rhytham back. Then i was thinking are there any other changes in my life???? then one by one i realised that...

1.My handwriting changed Majorly because of lack of practise.
2.I Cant keep in touch with my friends as i used to do in College as everyone are busy with their own jobs.
3.I Cant sleep for long time execpt on Sundays and Saturdays.
4.For having one Holiday i need to inform My project Manager. which snatched my freedom!!!
5.I cant sing songs in Office which i used to do in College in my free time.

These things made me feel sad for a moment, but some good things are also there
1. I will be paid for the work I do.
2. I will have good amount of money which i never used to have in college days,
3. I am getting new friends.
4. I am working on something which was not possible during college days.

But in whichever angle i think . this thinking was not balancing. what to do.??

Nothing can be done ..This is Life!!!

Ok Thats all for this post.

- nanuseena