Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finally i got some mood for this one !!

Hi all,

Once again I proved that in my blog if i name a post as Part I , I will make sure that the next part wont appear here . :) I dont think i will be able to write Final Count down Part II as its really very late to go back to Part I feeling and continue that. ... :) Thanks to Shreesh , Harish Shande , SkI , Rolls and Dons and Scissors and others for making my stay in my old company a memorable one.

Now today after a long time Sandesh had updated his blog so read that one . Chetan has converted his blog into a photoblog. When i went to Shande's blog i saw a link to my blog, then i realized i used to crib about some or the other thing here. Yes this time i am not particular about any topic, so its a general drill !!!

Its been around 1.5 months I quit my job and joined a new one. Initially it took a while to adjust to new environment as i got used for "doing nothing from morning to evening " style of living.
I usually crib about something or the otherthing , it became a habit. Whenever i see anything new, First thing which my mind does is to find whats not there... When i was in my previous job I used to feel sad about not having anywork ... When i was in college i used to crib "when will this thing get over ...when am i going to join a SW company and earn thousands ..."

I think its a nature of human beings to search for things which will not be available in that environment... there is a famous quote in kannada "Iruvudellava Bittu Iradudaredege thudivude Jeevana " - I dont want to translate this to English and spoil the meaning.. Ppl can try their creativity by posting comments.

Nowadays few good things are I am getting up late, I go to office by my HondaActiva, I bought a new mobile Nokia 6300 :) I take tiffin to office, I can listen to songs on the way to office, Daily i drink Cane juice near office in the morning, Every weekend I meet my Friends , watch some crappy movies and think "i should stop wathing movies" and repeat the mistake... found some new nice friends whom i irritate daily .. started thinking that its just how we take things not how things happen... etc etc etc ... I think something wrong with me writing things in a higly boring and nonsense manner........ Before you guys call me up and ask what the hell man.... I will logoff.. next post will be on the movie which i saw 2 weeks back... Soundarya , on special request from Chetan.... :) Chetan keep wating...

Bye for now...... !
- Seena