Wednesday, September 13, 2006

People read my blog!!!


FinallyI got some time to write something [atleast for the sake].
From past few days i am not able to blog[please dont ask me the reason :( ] . I still have 3-4 posts pending. Hopefully by this weekend i will publish them.

I always used to feel that my blog is read by only few ppl who know me. Nowadays many other ppl[whom i dont know] are reading my blog. One gud thing is that they are posting their comments .
Its really a nice to know that ppl read my blog . which also inspires me to write more and more on many things. Thanks !!!!

Thats all for this post . I will come up with something different sooon.

- nanuseena

Monday, September 04, 2006

I will be back soon!!!!


I think u might have observed the change in my blog template[ it looks like Sab's blog :( ]. I got some time for my experiments with Blogger, unfortunately i could not get enough time to bring my imaginations on the template. So i decided to take some time to create a new template. [with the help of my Gimp and Flash Skills]

I still have 3 posts pending.. . So will be back soon with new template and posts.... Till then Keep waiting...

Have nice time.

- Srini