Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Maarningu!!!

Hi all,

Its once again monday morning. I got up late today !!! Actually i never wanted to get up only!!! as usual Saturday Sunday enjoyed life to some extent. Last weekend i met my childhood friend Sumanth. So tried to spend some time with him on Sunday. He came to my house and I showed my Keyboard .

Best Thing about last sunday was i met Mr. Hemanth Pai !!! My CollegeMate along with Akshay and Gautam Kini. Me Rahul and Sumanth went to Malleshwaram Adda, as usual to eat some chinese food. We saw Hemanth walking nearby so we called him and once he joined it was a great fun. We were laughing for some 1 hr because of his jokes.

After going home tried to watch Harry potter but i felt sleepy . So slept and now i am in Office and writing Blog. Which is not Ethical [according to company rules]. So will catch u later...

- Srini

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cant differentiate days!!!

Hi all,

nowadays i am feeling this thing that i cant differentiate days.. confused.. let me explain.
I want to say if you ask some fact and ask me to say weather it happened yesterday or day before yesterday. I wont be able to answer as all seems same. I dont know weather u belive it or not. Days are so identical that i am not finding any difference.

Nothing different go to office work comeback. This routine starts on monday and ends on friday. I can differentiate sundays as we do some or the different things than what we did last sunday.

Life is really going fast . I cant belive that its already one year since we left college and we have our juniors out of college. For me i feel its just one month back or so we left college.

Hope this weekend i will enjoy as much as possible. Last weekend met few friends on saturday and then on sunday i cleaned my room. That was a big task as i started in the morning and finished only by evening that too with incompleted work.

Whenever i see organised data i really feel that even i should keep my things room cds atleast files in my computer in an organised fashion. But i dont know whenever i get that thought i try escaping from that. I dont know i have tried this thing many times to keep everything in an organised fashion but could not do it. You can find cds old floppies books earbuds and dust and etc etc in my room eveywhere.

I usually get scoldings from my mom for not throwing out earbuds / chocolate papers after use. Let me see after this post how much i will improve.
Sometimes my dad tells me that if someone comes to my house and if they look at my room they feel bad about me. For this i usually answer "ask them not to peek into my room"....
So my problem is i try to escape or get away from the problem than solving it....
Anyways everyone has got a unique way of living and mine is as normal as it is [atleast according to me]

thats all.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Part Time Jobs!!!

Hi all,

U might be thinking whats this heading . This time i just want to discuss my thoughts on part time jobs . As you all know what a part time job means. I just ask one question

What do you do on Saturday and Sundays!!! ????
At present myself i spent satuday in home doing nothing . watch a movie watch tv . On sundays i just go to meet friends watch some dabba movies [as not many good movies] thats it .

2 days i just spend it like as if there is nothing to do. Few months back i used to go to college to guide juniors for their linux and Qt projects. But now i am jobless on saturday.
Actually speaking i just feel really bugged/bored on saturday and sundays.

So i was just thinking why not a part time job which fetches me some money for my work. May be that amount will be less but if it satisfies my Petrol requirements i am happy. Atleast 1000 Rs per weekend can help me to satisfy my mobile requirements.

If you are not so much keen on earning . Earn and donate to few institutions. Here the question is not on Money . question is how can u spend time in a meaningful manner. If you dont want money , go and work as Ivolunteer organizations which tries to help ppl in fullfilling basic requirements.

Few days back i did a part-time job of data entry for NAB which is basically an institution for Blinds. One of my collegue suggested me to do that . I converted few pages of text into Digital format which laterly converted to Brail . So I really enjoyed doing it . though it was not an easy task . As i had to type some 30-40 pages. But later once i finished it . I was really happy that i was able to help ppl.

So now after guiding 3 projects also i am happy because i was able to share my knowledge. So some times i have heard my friends saying it will overload the brain and u need to relax. I dont think i am getting overloaded from my work. Anyways doing a data entry in my house is very easy compared to myself roaming around the streets of Bangalore.

I dont know from past few weeks i am not at all enjoying the weekends and i am getting feelings like Why not a part time job!!!!!!

I really feel happyt when i do something extra than something which i am already done with. I was just thinking what all i can do .. I can teach subjects like c/c++/linux/qt or atleast i can do kannada / English data entry.

Let me see another two / three weeks . If i still get bugged i will definitely try to do some part time job. If you ppl find some links where u can do a part time job please suggest me some.

Thats all !!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Boring Weekend!!

Hi All,

From past 2-3 weeks i was not able to enjoy the weekends as one or the other work used to come and i have to finish. Finally this weekend i thought i could enjoy but saturday whole day was busy sending my brother to Airport. So only sunday left.

at 11 i started to my friend Raghu's house from there i dropped him to railway station. From there as usual decided to watch a movie. As everyone except Sandesh were busy me and sandesh decided to go for a movie. And Sandesh wanted to watch Datta and since the actor is Darshan i suggested to watch "chellata"... Whata boring movie it was.

I dont realy understand the point in making a movie where story line is really weak. I dont know how ppl watching from past 50 days. Anyways i dont want to discuss that movie here.
I know Kannada Telugu . I have seen more Telugu movies than in any other language.

Some how i feel Kannada Movies lack the sense of comedy. The old Rajkumar movies were best , even the comedy those days were awesome . I really like the comedy scenes by Narasimha Raju. But nowadays the comedy in Kannada Movie is just another Double Meaning joke. Thats why i dont like watching such scenes. I know some of you do not agree with me . But this is the place to express my feelings.

Like the way i am pointing out somebody else will point flaws in telugu movie. But i am not into Telugu or Kannada movie things. But the whole point of watching a movie .. atleast for me is Entertainment weather Kannada or Telugu. But if it missess that i hate them weather Kannada Tamil or Telugu.

Comedy by Anant Nag was also wonderful those days. But nowadays Kannada Movies lack Comedy . Hope they improve.

Well week days are going on in trainings . From two three weeks I am going through marathon trainings. May be from next week i Will be into projects.

Thats all for this post.

- Srini

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fanaa !!!! Another piece of Junk!!!

Hi All,

Yesterday i saw Fanaa. Thank god i saw this movie in a VCD. I felt i wasted 3hrs. Another piece of junk to Indian Cinema. Most awaited movie Fanaa disappoints all your expectations. Even Presence of Aamir and kajol as a pair for the first time cant help its story.

Mainly fanaa has got a week story line which is really hard to believe. Nobody can believe in the story. Its like this---> Aamir khan plays the role of terrorist [after a long time as anti patriot ] and kajol a blind girl[only for few mins] After that kajol goes to Delhi to perform some song on January 26th and there she meets Aamir and falls in love with him[as usual] another love story. Within 4-5 days they become so close that she is ready to go anywhere with Aamir.

Now comes the funniest part ... There will a Nuclear Bomb hidden in Delhi and it has got 6 triggers situated in different military base [ what a story] and aamir khan gets hold of one trigger and he will be attacked by military and then wounded aamir goes to one of the houses where he finds kajol again and after that bla bla bla and then in final scene Kajol kills aamir in order to save lakhs of indians dying from that nuclear Bomb.

In the climax u can see the talent of Tabu where she shoots a villan from one helicopter to other without missing him. What a fantastic talent... Not even experienced millitary officer can shoot a person sitting in another helicopter that too when both the helicopters are moving.

Anyways i could not write as i initially thought anyways i never expected such a bakhwas movie from Aamir khan movie.

Thats all.