Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One year in Software Industry!!!


Today i completed one year in this company!!!! Exactly one year back i joined this company there by entered into Software industry. Entered with lots of expectations. New Josh. Enthu etc etc.

If i compare myself with that Srinivas one year ago... Lot of changes. Lot of improvement in the way i think, i behave[thank god].

So with proud i can say "I have got One year Experience." . Hoping for better days in Future.

Thats all for the post .

- Srini

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lot of pain!!!!


I dont know because of some or the other reasons i am suffering pain from past 2-3 weeks. And i hate this. I am suffering from Chicken Guniea.... which is really horrible experience. U feel lot of pain in your legs. Joint pains. I am not able to walk properly. Especially on Sundays and Saturdays i will feel more pain as i wont be doing any important work rather than cribbing about the pain.

Thats about my physical pain... But worst part is because of some virus entering into my pc wininet.dll which sits in system32 folder got corrupted.. which prevented me from doing anywork. So i decided to reinstall my windows Xp . But finally after installing Xp i came to know that my Motherboard Cd and my graphics card installation disks are not with me.
Suddenly i was helpless. somehow i managed to download the BIOS drivers through my linux os. From there i installed them in xp and my net connection was up.... from there onwards i downloaded all the drivers .

Still i have lot of softwares to install.... But i am tooo lazy to do it.

I dont know because of this torture...as well as pain[chickenguniea] i am irritated a lot.

Also daily i am spending my precious 4 hrs in travelling to office . Life suddenly has become difficult .
I am not able to blog as well.

Let me see .. When i will overcome all these things... thats all..

PS : Even this post was as boring as the previous one. All because of this SIGMA... CHICKEN GUNIEA And WININET.dll......

Monday, August 07, 2006

Exchange Offer!!!!

Hi all,
Its been a long time i have not posted anything here. I was bit lazy as well as busy to post ..
I had been to Hyderabad last weekend enjoyed a lot [wil write a separate post ..keep waiting ;)]

Now lets directly jump into Exchange offer!!! I am not talking about the sales which give Exchange offers . Its about the movie which i saw in bus while travelling from Hyd to Bangalore.

The movie was Hum ko Deevana Kar Gaye!!!
The starcast and the music of the movie might attract you to watch but the story line is really horrible. The movie goes on so fast that .. in a matter of few minutes Love , Engagement etc happens. For me and Shreesh [my Collegue and Friend] it was a comedy movie.

This is a Prequel[i dont know what you call this] to Kabhi alvida Na kehna...

I dont want to screw you guys by writing the story . But i am sure that "KANK" is a sequel to this movie. This is all about two engaged couples exchanging their partners in order to pursue nice life.

The disgusting story line keeps torturing you till the end. Shreesh slept in the halfway and i watched it till climax.

Even in "BEWAFAA"[ultra junk movie] Anil Kapooor Takes away Akshay kumars girl friend. Bewafaa is one of the most horrible movie i have ever seen [a separate post needed to explain]
So here also Anil kapoor does the same with Akshay...

Anyways It was really boring sort of movie. Only thing which we can make out of the movie is Never Ever watch a movie having the starcast Akshay Kumar and Anil kapoor because u only see exchange of heroine's between them.

Ps: please carry a headache tablet before going to KANK [ as its a sequel to HDKG like the way Salaam Namaste a sequel to kya kehna ]

I dont know what happend to bollywood suddenly they are shooting movies with exchange offers...
Exchange Wives.
Exchange GirlFriends.
Exchange Kids....

Thats all
- Srini