Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moral police!!! :P

Hi all,

I wish everyone Happy new year 2010. I am always this lazy to wish people :P.

Few updates from my side,
1) I resigned from my previous job(which was driving me crazy from last one year).
2) Currently i am unemployed(kind of liking it .. only till Monday)
3) In this new year my resolution of "Not spending money on stupid movies" has been successful till date (yesssssss!)

OK now whats the buzz .. Sriram sene/shiva sene/ monkey sene / !@#$@# sene. I really don't understand why these things are in place and trying to behave as if they are protecting Indian culture. OK i want make it clear that i am neither supporting the celebration of Valentines day or the release of "My name is Khan" , but when i browse through TV channels and see/hear news about these monkeys protesting and burning posters and trying to impose "BANDH" i cannot stop myself thinking ... WTH.

I read a statement from the leader of "monkey sene" "Whatever happens we will not allow people of Karnataka to celebrate Valentine's day " , i just have one question for him "Who the hell are u to decide". Its completely left to the people of INDIA/Karnataka to celebrate something , in fact its each and every individual right (perception). If some non-sensical idiot decides something is there any rule that we follow ? I am sure this year also Mr.Mutalik gets thousands of Pink under wears , He can become rich by selling those than trying to impose things on people. How about Mutalik under wears ??? :P

Now shiva sena I have never heard of anything good these people done to the people of mumbai ? Ok there might be examples but these people are more famous of doing wrong-things in Mumbai and trying to act as if Mumbai is owned by them.

Yesterday because of the fact that "My name is Khan " is being released thousands of police were in place to maintain peace in the city and avoid these monkeys from doing harm to "aaam Junta" . What a shame !!!! People (police) who are actually employed to save the city from criminals and maintain peace in the city are guarding a film's release. Do we really needs these things. We already have enough reasons to get scared to live in Metro's because of the terrorist attacks and stuff now these kind of "sene"s are making it worse.

I feel the government should ban all these "sene"s and their registration and arrest these groups permanently to maintain peace in the city. Big "namaskara" to moral policing. We are sensible enough to handle ourselves and Indian culture , We don't need goondas to protect us.

By saying that ending this post (First post of the year). Pls feel free to post your comments. Hoping to blog soon.

- Srinivas