Thursday, November 26, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

Yes i am bidding goodbye to 2009 1 month ahead of time. I am bugged of this year. Yeah i agree there is no connection b/w whats happening and the year 2009, but somehow this year is the worst of all. Nothing positive happened this year. No achievements, no happiness...

I work for a consulting company, and this year began by a closure of a project which brought me back to parent company, from there all the bad things started happening... Spending day/night to debug an issue where i didn't have any idea of what i was doing... And then i spent some 4-5 months working on things which are of least interest to me . From then i was asked to move to another company as a contractor. And currently i am staying there from past 6 months, doing something which is of no use to my CV or my knowledge or any thing. Here we are supposed to work on every weekend apart from spending more than 12+ hrs everyday.

Some how i am not frustrated with all these but neither i am happy. But feeling these are the years where i am supposed to work on something which i like .. something which makes sense.. something where i can put a lot of my thinking and improve my skills. Apart from putting some prints here and there and taking binary dumps at few places.. I didn't do much of coding..

Somehow i want to escape all this boredom , and get-in some place where i can strengthen my skills. Improve lifestyle, have some peace of mind... Struggling to get out of this contractorgiri.
Its been almost 2.8 yrs i have been working as a contract employee in 3 different firms, 3 different technologies/domains.. Feeling like getting settled in something and start rediscovering myself. Also i lost in 2-3 interviews this year (few of them were very close one's),which added to my agony.

Apart from sad stories, this year i have watched a lot of movies, lot of suspense,thriller,horror movies. Lot of movies i watched in theater as well, needless to say by spending 200+ for a movie. Learnt to play better TT.

So now itself i want say goodbye to YEAR 2009. If something good happens in one month. I feel my life came to nearly balance state in this year 2009. Otherwise, bye bye 2009. Hoping for a better life in 2010