Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!! & Laziness...!!!

As usual i was lazy to post something here. Lazy enough to crib about something or other thing. The word laziness has been attached to my body and soul ever since my birth i feel. For the people around me i might sound/look like a person with lots of energy levels/enthu and stuff. But actually i am dead slow/ lazy person.

Its already April, before becoming fool i felt i will write something here,at least i will wish all a Happy New year, which is actually according to our Hindu calendar Ugadi. So life is like moving on like a roller coaster ride. Everything is changing every one are changing including myself.

I am totally bugged up of work/code/fun@office or software or framework or people giving lectures on how to handle things. Even i am bugged up of giving people funda's about work/life/music or what so ever. Basically its the time where i am feeling like relaxing in life. June 01.2005 was the date when we got our Final semester results, ever since that time i am feeling like i am on a marathon race.

No time for that no time for this. Dont do that , dont do this. You have to spend time here there.... Arre yaar chodona types. I used to dream inside classes or rather i can say dreaming about future started in 7th semester itself about the wonderful job and heavy salary, cool HR's ;) ;) Fundoo PC's work atmosphere etc etc etc etc.

As the saying "The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence " or the kannda version Doorad Betta Nunnage.... types ella kade adhe golu adhe scene. Characters change aste. ( i am feeling lazy to translate whatever i have written as well).

Probably i missed out the enjoyment in college. Probably i missed out enjoyment in my first year of JOB. or rather Second year was coool. Or else now is it fine??. same feeling are repeating. As there is a saying if u try to run behind a butterly it just goes away and it comes back and sits on you only when you sit at one place and wait .... types...

So finally i am thinking of relaxing in life. But Now the RECESSION. The word recession economic slowdown. I am bugged of hearing this news. Everywhere the same thing. I can say this is the most discussed word in 2008-2009 i feel.

So if i just grep my 3.5 years of software engg life. i get these words

:> grep -r "is there anything useful" .

(where . is my brains home directory)

2005-2006 ------> Multimedia Framework / QT
2007-2008--------> DSHOW/ FRAMEWORK ABSTRACTION blah blah blah
2008-2009(till date)----> RECESSION / NIGHTOUT( and all the crap blah blah)

I have missed out some words due to the fact that i cannot disclose them here ;)

So i am totally bugged up , I don't even need a change. I just want CONSTANT(something like PI). I hope its not the word RECESSION. Hoping to fill this new year with lots of words like (JOY ENJOY FUN MASTI )
Let me see what happens.

For all the people i wish Happy New year, have a new and prosperous year.Enjoy have fun make sure when u grep the whole year next time you try to get all good words and lesser bad words.

One more thing the last post JUNK PEOPLE was a decent attempt to take out my frustration but i feel this is not the place and that was written for a person in my last company who still acts the same way ;) all the best for that person

Hamm... what else...
My friend Sandy gave a cool T-Shirt [Kannada one for 140 Rs] there exists a short story i ll try posting it some time here. Raghu sandy susheem and myself visited Mysore and Ooty and Bison Vally. So this year(according to English calendar) started off well with lots of energy.

- Regards,