Sunday, December 03, 2006

Back with Dhoom 2 !!!

Hi All ,

Finally i am back with this post!!! From past two months i was not able to post anything here. I used to think "i will write some topic!", but all josh used to come down once i start typing about that topic. I still have 5 drafts lying @ my dashboard.

So many things happened during these 2 months. I saw many crappy movies. I got rid of the dangerous , deadly , higly irritating disease "chicken guinea"... Finally i said good-bye to that mosquito which brought me this disease. Thank god and thanks to Ramakrishna hospital doctor who gave one smart injection which prevented this disease from my body.

Now back to my post title. Dhoom 2. I saw this crappy movie on friday with Shande,Ande ,Chetan and 2 other friends of Shande. Shande and myself were planning to watch the movie in the first week of its release. unfortunately[fortunately] shande was not there to get tickets from Urvashi. Dhoom 2 is a typical bollywood movie with worst script or even i can say the most used script of bollywood, where silly things happen in a very silly manner.

Myself and chetan were laughing at many scenes as if we were watching a comedy movie. Most of the scenes of Dhoom2 are of "bhakwas" nature. I dont understand why ppl [directors producers] spend crores of rupees on special effects/foreign locations with a very dull script. When you are spending crores of rupees.. dont you have a simple common sense that script should be good ?

In this movie i felt there was no need of Bipasha Basu! She is there only to strip and show her cleavage! Aishwarya Rai looks great with Indian traditional dresses than those idiotic Tomb Raider dressess. Abhishek Bachchan once again proved that he doesnt even know the ABCD of dancing.

Now Hrithik Roshan. In dhoom 2 Hrithik roshan is a genius ,Geeky , theif. He knew everything under the Sun. He is actually "
Einstein" . So silly!!!

ok Thats enough. I dont want to discuss anything more about the movie. It was just another junk. But nothing can beat "JaaaneMan".
Here is a list of idiotic crappy movies i saw !

1. Jaaneman [Worst movie i have ever seen after "Bewafaa" ]
2. Chellata [Kannada - I came out before the climax as i could not resist myself from irritation ]
3. Hubballi [ Kannada - Waste one with many things directly taken from Bourne identity ]
4. Aishwarya [Kannada - Ultra junk .. Its actually mix of two movies i.e Main script lifted from Manmathudhu of Telugu movie. and some parts from Tamil Gajini]

Ok thats all for this post. Will be back sooon!

P.S : After a long time i am writing here. So the flow was not at all good. It will take some time to get back to rhytham.!!!!

- Seena