Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One more Week!!!

Hi all,

Its been a long time i posted anything here!!!! Anyways no more delays .. As my broadband connection will be arriving within 10 days!!! [ Hopefully :)]

After that i will post all things which i mentioned in my previous post !!! and also will be posting infinitely!!!

Thinking of keeping name for this blog !!! was searching for one cool name.... I think i will be naming it !!!!! ***** InfiniteLoop*****!!!! Hope i am not copying any others blog name!!! If so please let me know!!!!

Thats all for this post !!! Next time i will be posting through my Airtel BroadBand Servie!!!

one more thing checkout www.foss.in ------> Its really Cool!!! if you are an Open Source Software Fan!!!! :)

-- Enjoy!!!

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