Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finally i got some mood for this one !!

Hi all,

Once again I proved that in my blog if i name a post as Part I , I will make sure that the next part wont appear here . :) I dont think i will be able to write Final Count down Part II as its really very late to go back to Part I feeling and continue that. ... :) Thanks to Shreesh , Harish Shande , SkI , Rolls and Dons and Scissors and others for making my stay in my old company a memorable one.

Now today after a long time Sandesh had updated his blog so read that one . Chetan has converted his blog into a photoblog. When i went to Shande's blog i saw a link to my blog, then i realized i used to crib about some or the other thing here. Yes this time i am not particular about any topic, so its a general drill !!!

Its been around 1.5 months I quit my job and joined a new one. Initially it took a while to adjust to new environment as i got used for "doing nothing from morning to evening " style of living.
I usually crib about something or the otherthing , it became a habit. Whenever i see anything new, First thing which my mind does is to find whats not there... When i was in my previous job I used to feel sad about not having anywork ... When i was in college i used to crib "when will this thing get over ...when am i going to join a SW company and earn thousands ..."

I think its a nature of human beings to search for things which will not be available in that environment... there is a famous quote in kannada "Iruvudellava Bittu Iradudaredege thudivude Jeevana " - I dont want to translate this to English and spoil the meaning.. Ppl can try their creativity by posting comments.

Nowadays few good things are I am getting up late, I go to office by my HondaActiva, I bought a new mobile Nokia 6300 :) I take tiffin to office, I can listen to songs on the way to office, Daily i drink Cane juice near office in the morning, Every weekend I meet my Friends , watch some crappy movies and think "i should stop wathing movies" and repeat the mistake... found some new nice friends whom i irritate daily .. started thinking that its just how we take things not how things happen... etc etc etc ... I think something wrong with me writing things in a higly boring and nonsense manner........ Before you guys call me up and ask what the hell man.... I will logoff.. next post will be on the movie which i saw 2 weeks back... Soundarya , on special request from Chetan.... :) Chetan keep wating...

Bye for now...... !
- Seena


chethan said...


Harish said...

cool maga.. boring , boring antane bore maadyalla :) jus kidding..

Seena man, naya mobile, naya company, naya habbits, naya frnds.. waarewah!!!!

Mera number kab aayega :)

Unknown said...

Adigara padyadinda eththakkondiddiya a quotu!

Olledu! naanu naan nodid moviegala bagge post bariyo sketch haakkondiddini! Ella sari hodmele bareetheeni! alli thanaka kaaytha iru!

Thale thinnakke hosa friends sikkiddare andyalla, avrge sivne gathi!

Ene aagli maja hodi! \m/