Sunday, August 05, 2012

Switching to a new OS ! Its fun and lots of irritation!

This is the post pending for almost a month, I have tried out many Operating Systems as a main Desktop OS. DOS was the first one and next was Windows 95, I must say Windows 95 was fun. I had a 32 MB Ram machine Intel Celeron machine and the boot up sound used to make me so happy!

During engineering had a chance to use Linux , oh! boy it was tough time to install Linux on a pc without disturbing Windows setup. That was the era of RED HAT linux 7.0. After goofing up many a times i finally managed to install on one of the machines, It used to be very slow installation process also we needed to choose the packages which we want to install, Initially i had spent time to understand packages but in the end gave it up.

Coming back to the post, Switching from Windows to Linux was a breeze, even though i dont have any technical explanation for the feeling , but i used to experience the internet was bit faster on linux compared to windows. One major advantage of Linux was no antivirus, so it used to let me use most of the 32 MB RAM :).

Its been more than 12 years , i have been using Windows and Linux . Recently bought an iMAC :) , When i told my friend i bought a MAC,  most of my friends asked me the question WHY you bought ?. I didn't wanted to explain everyone the reason, It used to make me little awkward when people say Why instead of saying cool! ;)

Oh Boy! Initial experience with MAC was awesome. Till now i never had a chance to play around MAC, apart from few occasions where i used to kill time on MAC in iStore of Mantri Mall.

iMAC's display rocks, UI is cool , but for a person who likes and loves Linux Gnome ( not Gnome 3) Its really difficult job to adjust to mac, Its all flashy and rocking only for first two days( thats the case with anything in life ) .

Mac is really cool if you want to record music, play around with garage band, or editing photos etc, I feel MAC is more suited for Artists and people who deal with music.
Coming to programming i feel it still needs a lot of improvements. Getting used to Magic Mouse and keyboard is the first hurdle. Getting used to Finder makes you cry! navigation using Finder is very difficult for any one from Linux/Windows background.

But Lastly it takes time to adjust yourself to MAC, but once you do you ll love it. I finally crossed the initial hurdles and now made myself liking it ( yeah! it takes a lot of effort). Many basic things mac lacks and thats the reason, many developers are making app and selling it.

Hope to have nice time with Mac. I have one comment on MAC hardware, MAC Rocks! Its design simplicity makes me feel its ok i spent extra money but worth it!

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