Monday, February 27, 2006

Mechanical Life????

Is it so ???

Hi all Its been a long time, i posted anything here, what to do ??? Nowadays i am bit busy with work.

Whenever i was in college/school i used to listen to many of my friends [who were working at that time] saying " After college its only mechanical life.

Now i am experiencing it... When i am on work i dont feeel like that . once i am out of work and enjoying for a while and once again when i go back to work i feel its really mechanical,

Nowadays i am bugged of Bangalore Traffic, It irritates me more than anything, Daily i will trave 17 + 17 kms. and i am getting lot of back pain....
Ok let me forget it...

I went to Movie "Amrutha Dhare " as usual another love stroy by "Nagaththihalli Chandrashekar" , I better dont speak about the movie as it was really boring.

After a long time i met Sandesh, Susheem and Raghu. I feel really nice when i meet my friends We went to Malleshwaram after the movie and ate Gobi,Spanish Manchrian near Sab's favorite M.E.S stall,

Ok thats all for now,


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