Monday, January 30, 2006

Devdas Vs Finding Nemo!!!!

Hi all,

Its been a long time i wrote any post!! Well i was busy with my job. Now got some time . From long time i have been saying that i will be writing this one but now here it is!!! Sorry for the delay!!!

Devdas Vs Finding Nemo

Well you might be wondering whats the relationship between a old Epic story and animated Nemo. Yes i do agree there exists no relationship . But i found few things to say about these two movies.The result is this blog.


If you have seen Devdas movie you must appreciate the costume, the locality the creativity shown by SanjayLeela Bhansali!!! What a combination of stars Sharukh, Aishwarya, Madhuri and even the dialogues by Jackie sherroff are awesome.

I heard that they spent around 25 crores for this movie..Eveything is ok,,,

But my question is ..... Everyone knows about the Devdas story [ most of them] it came in most of the languages .. Moreover it was shoted in Hindi first [ Dilipkumar's movie] It was there already on screen. Why they remade once again in Hindi!!! That too spending 25 crores, is it worth for a movie that tooo Devdas???

What moral you can get from the movie. Few reasons why i hate this movie is...

1. No moral , u cant enjoy !!!! Sadmovie and Sad Ending
2. Atmost if at all you want to bring some moral or some sense out of this movie is
" If you love and your love fails Drink hell lot of Whisky or Alcohol".
3. This will increase the pain of ppl who already suffered with Love failure.

Thats it!!! I better wont review the whole movie. I really appreciate Sanjay leela Bhansali for his best Movie "Black" but Devdas is just waste of Creativity energy money. SLB could have done a better movie than the old bugging bloody Devdas story.

So thats all now about

Finding Nemo

Its a great movie. A simple story with a nice moral. Its a story of a Fish finding his son [which is cought by divers of Sea]

Nobody can believe that a fish can talk !!! But The movie Director has made the animation and the screenplay so real that ... After the movie you feel that Even fishes live like Human beings keeping realationships , feelings etc etc.

If you have not seen this movie just go and watch today!!! Its really awesome movie.

The animation quality is so good that !!! for a moment you will forget that its a animated movie.
Its all bout how a parent should treat his child. And moreover you should appreciate the work done by animators and dialogue writers, and moreover the director for a such a wonderful story for a simple concept.

Thats all i want you ppl to enjoy the movie rather than myself describing th e movie.

-----------------------> So i was just thinking why we cant find such wonderful movies. Why to remake old story once again . That tooo so boring and having no meaning.

Anyways they were ready to spend crores, why not a movie like Nemo. Just simply spending money on waste films like Devdas they could have done some better movie.

But Devdas is much more acceptable when u see the movies of recent trend ... Ugly, B grade movies like Murder, etc etc.[ I hate hindi movies nowadays]

Thats all for the moment ,


[ ps: i feel i could have written better than this --> No mood :( ]


Anonymous said...

Hi Srinivas,i totally agree with you,but watching an animated movie is as a well a waste according to me.

Anonymous said...

tale illadavarige animated filmna maja gotagodilla....tale idrene tane imagination maDokke agodu:)

Manimala said...

yaar aren't you ashamed? even a stupid westerner can understand the meaninga of devdas. one such theme is that both intentional and unintentional deviance from social conventions often compounds itself and generates more deviance. this happens when shahrukh defies the traditional nuclear family and generates hostility with his love of aish and culminates in his sexual promiscuity with madhuri and his alcholism, all perhaps amplified by the fact that he was influenced to some degree by his time in britain studying law. there are other themes and messages too that go beyond your stupid interpretation of the film. it seems you have betrayed you country by even thinking about comparing an indian film to western garbage. sure, you might say the hollywood english films are initially entertaining with their extreme special effects, sexuality, and overall lakc of morals, but they are like the alcohol in devdas and simply take you away from where you should be in life, addict you, and condemn you to death.
someone like you needs to go and see rang de basanti if you havent already. it has some western influence in it too so at least maybe that will attract you to the film to see the main message if you haven't already. anyway, visit my blog.