Monday, March 19, 2007

Final Count Down!!! Part 1:

Hi All,

Finally i made the decision to move out of this company, It was my first job. I have resigned and counting days for my exit(0);

I had many wonderful times in this company along with some tough ones as well. I really had many ups and downs ... Especially towards the kind of work which i was expecting and the work which i got. When i freshly joined the company i never had much expectations as I never knew things about how a Software Comapny works. So I had very nice time during those days. Whatever was assigned to me I used to do without even thinking weather its gud or bad. [ There exists nothing like "gud" or "bad" It all depends on what you think is gud for you or bad for you].

Real problems started once i started realizing that there are lot of wonderful things around me which even i can give a try instead of the work which i was doing from around > 6 months. Which means that i almost finished learning phase of the work which was given to me. So from that time i started thinking that i should do , some thing different than what i was doing .

The feeling of 'doing something different' kept me under stress . Every minute, every second I used to think how to get out of what i was doing, More over by this time I never had any work related to what i was doing. So I used to think that i will be given something different........... I was in this "stress mode" for quite sometime, where i started doing some other acivities like playing carrom, listening to songs, Blogging, ... I dont remember how many carrom games i played in this mode.....

There came a ray of hope for changing the 'kind of work' , With major doubts in mind weather to join different group ? or to stay in the same group... ? I took a decision to move out of what i was doing .... Work wise the next option was a bit better than what i was doing.....

But once i joined the new group I realized that the new group is quite different from the previous one... I felt more strain thinking that why i did this.... I could have stayed in the previous one .. for some more time.... etc etc..

Meanwhile the next work started with wonderful work which actually release my stress as it was quite different from the previous one.. also challenging.. @ that time i was thinking i was so lucky ... i was so happy.... etc etc.. It lasted only for 2 weeks and i was given something which i never liked........

My nature is I wont do what i Dont like . With this attitude.. I had really tough time with the new things which were assigned to me.... I never used to bother what was given to me... but continued to think how to get rid of this..... This was the worst span... where i lost interest in everything... I totally changed myself...into some other person..whom i never liked till date.......

The best part of this phase is i found lot of Friends.... Because of them i really enjoyed my stay here in this new group... It was wonderful experience, as most of them never had any work like me.. It provided lot of time and opportunity to interact. I started liking what i was 'not doing' ...[ i cant say what i was doing .. as i never had anything to do..... as i never liked what will be given to me as well.....]

somehow I loved this phase and finally thought i will become something different than what i should be... so made up my mind to quit the comapny itself...inorder to accomplish my dreams.... Even i am not sure about how i will find my new job... But I am not expecting anything as its always better to do what you get... ............ :)

- Some of the best people whom i have interacted here in this team .......

Harish : A Wonder'foool' person with extraordinary talents towards 'remixing' and Kannada and mathematics. He is a person who can make his surroundings the way he thinks... He really loves to enjoy life.. He can crack jokes and make fun of some of the silliest things on earth. You cant imagine being a software professional for around 3 yrs.. he still thinks in terms of kids... While playing carrom he plays with the confidence levels of others, he belives in all those blind beliefs.... sometimes in this process he lost his self confidence as well..... I got irritated by Harish on 2 - 3 occassions where i shouted @ him , but finally realized what he is doing is for fun... and started enjoying.

Shande: A descent honest character with special interest towards handwriting analysis and blogging. He is a movie buff. Its very difficult to explain shande in words as you require one more blog to describe his things. If you tell any secret to shande it remains with him forever and i am sure he will never tell this to himself.... we had lot of discussions on Handwriting analysis, networking, the work which we used to do , Music. etc etc during our way to Sigma. But its very difficult to cope up with shande as he asks maximum questions which are higly irritating... you ask him anything and he will be having a counter question towards you. For eg:

Seena: Shande from how long you are wearing spectacles.?
shande: This one [pointing towards his spectacles]
Seena: Yes
Shande: this i got it 3 months ago.
Seena: No no i am asking about when you started wearing spectacles not the one which you are wearing now...
Shande: oh adha... gothtilla.... eno ondhu.....
[ At the end of the conversation you realize that you never got the answer for the question you asked to him].
We had a nice timepass interacting with shande....

- Ok thats all for this post there are some more ppl whom you will find in my next post..

- Seena


Harish said...

Good that u r looking for challenging work and hope u get that.

Best of luck..

Try to enjoy in what u r and where u r..

Unknown said...

Hope you dont find exit(1);

Shreesh G Ayachit said...

as most of them never had any work like me

aha! complimentaa? de-complimentaa?
eno ondhu.
Hall the Best Magaaa!