Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Somari on Independence Day!

Hi All,
Yes its the same old Somari ... Seena , back with this post. First of all I wish everyone Happy Independence day...:)

This is the day we got Independence from British 60 years ago :) . I got up around 10:00 AM today and switched on TV to watch some wonderful patriotic songs , and was just thinking how come i am not able to even feel its Independence Day... :( yes , I could not see any celebrations near my home . Then I finished my daily morning routine and just took out News paper , found nothing interesting . Thought will watch TV for some more time , as usual found some junk in most of the TV channels. Thought I will switch on PC , but my laziness stopped me from doing that also, Then was thinking how it used to be on Independence day when we were in School. aaaah.... some old wonderful memories came across my eyes.. with 15 fps speed on VGA resolution....

I studied at Sarvodaya school Shimoga , Our School is situated just next to Nehru Stadium, where Independence day celebrations were usually held. I still remember we used to feel Independence Day celebrations from 1st August itself, Since the celebrations are held at Nehru stadium , students from almost all schools used to come to Nehru stadium for practising the drill and dance and other cultural events. Being situated very next to Nehru stadium , we used to get the opportunity to watch all the dance/drill/ etc practises before they were actually performed on Independence day. Even we used to practise all of them as our school used to participate every Year.

On Independence day we used to go to school with washed cloths and with cleanly polished shoes to perform in Nehru Stadium, It was really wonderful nice feeling that we are doing something really great that everyone are looking at us , clapping @ our drill dance. That was real joy.

But today if I look @ myself, how lazy I am , doing nothing on Independence day. Being Lazy ,not even going out anywhere . In front of TV and PC same old Gmail/ Gtalk.... I am really missing those old Golden days.....

- Srini


Unknown said...

Cribbing for what happened before is not a good sign!

Try changing yourself if you feel so bad about your situation.

Idella iddidde kano! Aaraamagi adr bagge yochane bittu bere kade gamana harsu! ella sari hogaththe!

chethan said...

aithaithu.. kelsa nodu

Ambika said...

There are ways to come out of this.. i too missed school days..i wanted to feel independence day..So mostly I go to independence day celebrations in office..
but a hale josh iralla..idella kalada jote badalgta iratte..enu madakagalla...
"kalaya tasmai namaha!"