Sunday, August 17, 2008

3 Years in Software Industry !!!! Phew.... ;)

Hi ,
I complete 3 years in Software Industry, On August 22nd 2005 was the day i Joined my first company. Even after these 3 years i still miss my college days, friends and fun. It was not a easy journy through these years, The first year was really tough finding out what kind of work i like. Its always the fact that what i like i could not get to work. I was the junior most in my team. So obviously used to miss friends. 2nd year was awesome as we were aquired by some big company got lots of friends and work wise no improvement , but i had nice time i enjoyed a lot played lots of carrom. Soon the fun went away as i left that job and joined a startup ... At that point of time i realized, its not just only good work which keeps you happy. In this company no fun only work all the 365 days. In my previous company i used to crib that i dont have any work or good work. In the present company i started cribbing as i had not much fun. Later realised that we wont get what we want. now in this 3rd year i have adjusted myself to this environment. So things are going fine.

Some wonderful memories. during these 3 years.
1. I was working on linux for the first year.
2. I met some good ppl ... Shreesh,Shande,Harish,Rolls, div/sug/ many more ... had nice time.
3. Phooljhadi .
4. Had been to Korea.
5. Few things i cant tell actually ;)

Thats all for this post.

- Srini


Anonymous said...

Happens !!!!
Even I am about to complete 3 years in IT.When I look back I see I feel,I have enjoyed my IT life more.
Trips.. hanging outings... Mast Maja ee life alli ;)

Sandeep Shande said...


it's not only in industry, overall the life should be well balanced. Gud to hear to that now you have adjusted to new environment.

btw I am curious to what comes under Few things i cant tell actually.

Unknown said...


Be happy with whatever you do!

Shreesh G Ayachit said...

Haha.. You left out Ski from "good ppl" category :)

Few things i cant tell actually.
Hmm... :)

Srinivas B.P said...

haan i missed ski :( he is special bidu :)