Monday, August 25, 2008

Phoonk Rocks!!!

Hi All,
I saw Ram Gopal Verma's Phoonk , Its a thriller/horror movie. I saw the movie in a theatre near my house named Kamakya , It was a second show. I wanted to watch this movie on the first day of its release but somehow i could not find any company. But when i was just lying on bed on Sunday at 8:30 , I just got a weired idea of watching "Phoonk" in kamakya theatre. I went alone for the movie.

I really like scary/horror/thriller movies. This one was a treat for me as its been a long time I saw any of such kind movies. The last movie which i saw in theatre was "The Happening" I just felt scared only one time in the movie. And there was nothing to make u feel scared, in the movie. But this one is amazing experience. First of all nice Background score, The movie is hit only because of this. You cant deny the story, but for Indian's the story is very old. The concept of Black magic is narrated very simple manner.

I like horror movies if they don't contain dirty faces , or masks. I still remember "Zee Horror show" by Sham/Tulsi Ramsey. All they used to do is to shoot in a grave yard with dirty faces plus special sounds. My all time favorite movie in horror category is "The Sixth Sense" . It was a great example for a thriller movie. and also a best example to demonstrate how to scare ppl only with concept and sound effects.

Well coming to Phoonk . The story is very simple , its about Black magic done for the daughter of a Builder acted by Suddep [ Kannada Actor] , and how they get rid of this thing. Sudeep has really acted nicely , also proved the reason why Ramu chose him for the script.

Well that's all i can say , Don't miss this movie and try to watch it in big screen . You can easily get scared. It was a" paisa wasool" movie. I just payed Rs 60 for the movie ticket. and Phoonk is really worth a watch. Even after coming out of theatre my heart was beating twice its speed. I really got scared for 4-5 scenes which was a delight for me . I really enjoyed this one. :) good break from usual routine.

My Rating : 4/5 [ I wanted to give 5 but , there exists one scene where they show growing hands of a grand mother which was just funny ]

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