Sunday, October 26, 2008

Windows REFRESH syndrome!!!!

Hi ,

Recently i was waiting for one of the movie torrents to finish off. So i was not browsing anything or not even reading anything on my desktop. I suddenly noticed that i was doing something on my desktop, In fact without my notice my right hand used to right-click and press refresh on the desktop. I was surprised, by this action. This is the most common behavior of all [at least most of them] to press refresh menu repeatedly when they dont have anything to do.

According to me, this is a syndrome. Its a general misconception that by pressing refresh menu you can boostup or speedup machine. According to my technical knowledge pressing refresh will refresh the screen or infact it redraws the screen and windows on the desktop. Apart from these things i dont see any connection to refresh the system memory or ram cleanup or something of that sort. But this general misconception has made ppl mad behind this refresh menu. Apart from StatMenu button , probably this refresh menu is the most used menu in windows environment till date i feel ;).

I am just trying to forget that there is a refresh menu on the desktop to come out of this syndrome. Also i am using UBUNTU majorly these days for my day to day activities which eventually prevents me from REFRESH syndrome.

If you also have REFRESH SYNDROME pls share your experiences , comment.

- Srini

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Unknown said...

feels good to not getting affected by that syndrome. =)