Monday, September 08, 2008

Google Chrome !!

Hi all,

Its been almost 4-5 days of Google's new browser Chrome's release. I was also exited to use Google product, as i really like the way google works, a simple user interface, cool technology and features. I was really eager to download and use . At the first place i really like the way they have designed the user interface. Just using it for 20 mins , I uninstalled Firefox which was my favorite browser. Everything went smooth for 2 days. I read the google book about how chrome is designed and how efficient it is in terms of handling the browser crashes. But somehow after i used it for few times i started facing problems, Yes the browser won't crash. But it hangs!!! ;) .

My very first observation was , I wanted to view the video of google developers explaining about google chrome. When i moved the mouse over the video , the video freezed for 2-3 seconds, I was initially surprized and then i moved the cursor once again to get the same results. Then i started experimenting it, I try to browser youtube, but i could not reproduce the issue. Then i thought the probelm exists when u embed a youtube video.

I usually watch a lot of video's , some times 3GP content , Instead of downloading i use QuickTime player which plays the content inside the browser itself. Initially it worked fine but i have seen many a times the browser hangs..

And whenever i have seen this hanging browser it will not allow me to click other tabs as well. So i need to minimize it and then try my luck. Its quite stable as it never crashed . But its still needs to be tested . After all its a beta.

Few of my friends were not able to use it as after installation somehow they are not able to browse the net. Also Few of my friends are not installing it as its not having features like Ad-block or no - script.

Even sometimes , when u scoll the gmail window. The chat windows behave crazy. So after facing all these problems. I just thought i will wait till google fixes all these bugs. So one again i had to install Firefox.

I really appreciate the effort to introduce new technology. Atleast its not that worth to use it unless you really want to use Google product. I liked the User Interface, Minimal UI approach. Even the browsing speed was excellent . But Nothing infront of "Hang" bug.

Thats what i thought about Chrome. :) Firefox rocks ;) . If you have faced any issues pls comment and share.

- Srini


Unknown said...

You seem to come to a conclusion pretty fast. Wait for some more time.

I knew Chrome would have problems. As you said, its still Beta. Not that it will have no problems once it is released fully. So does firefox.

If you ask me, Neither Chrome rocks nor firefox sucks or vice versa. All are just softwares which are meant to be used to some usability extent.

Srinivas B.P said...

@sandesh : Yes!! Agreed. But somehow you will have definitely have one favorite thing. So all these days it was firefox. Atleast for some more time it continues :P