Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year End!

Hi ,
As usual i don't understand what it takes to regularly write something here, but most of the time its laziness, and probably i have forgotten the art of transferring thoughts to words, anyways 2010 end is nearing and 2011 is about to begin. Whats the difference ?

After 5 yrs in Software industry, i have already got used to year end bashes, valentine day celebrations , diwali gifts(sweet boxes) etc etc. But somewhere all the josh is missing in each and every occasion as its all looking like routine for me.

Time is passing so fast that , i clearly remember the last tow Ganesha Chaturthi's and even went on to think why do we have to do the same thing again and again ??? like decorating house etc etc .. I mean it was boring for me this year to celebrate any festival for that matter (i need a break i guess). So with this i can conclude either i am not taking breaks or i am thinking too much on a simple issue ;) . Whatever ... its once again routine to even think like this :).

I would like to tell about a jinx which started 4 yrs ago and hopefully its not happening this year. It goes like this, "Every year December has been the most horrible month of the year for me from past 4 years". I sometimes even get scared that December has arrived.

December 2006: It all started 4 yrs back i traveled to Korea on December 8th 2006, Boom!!!!! The Journey started with josh excitement but only it stayed for 1 week , afterwards i could not adjust to that country, cold, ppl work environment etc etc. lost 9 kgs in 3 weeks time , finally came back by cutting the trip short. ( in a sad mood/mode).

December 2007 : I was asked to work for one of our companies client place. I was the only one in that place and it was kind of struggling experience to work with few stupid bozo's out there in that company. they even asked me to work on 31st of December and later when i went to office they said you could have taken off. It was kind of most horrible times i had spent in that job.

December 2008: I was once again posted to work for one of the client place and everything was decent enough, but on 28th of Dec they told project is closed and sent us back on Jan 4th . Actually that bad mode/mood continued in 2009. I hated the year 2009.

December 2009: I was once again posted to work for one of the client place and what shall i say it was the worst nightmares.

December 2010: Till now nothing has happened but you never know still its not the end of the year .

Moral of the story Avoid working for a technology consulting company which will relocate you to customer's place with the tag "outsourcing" or "technology outsourcing" actually end up doing "body shopping"

So i wish everyone a very happy prosperous new year filled with joy, happiness and all your wishes come true.

signing off 2 days before end of 2010. For me 2010 will be mostly remembered for the maximum amount of uncertainty,pain, and stupidity :) . Hope it wont repeat in 2011.


vasudev said...

Good one Seena,
Hoping to see more in 2011,,
Wish ur 2011 be much much better than 2010 :)
Happy New Year...

Ambika said...

Happy New Year..