Saturday, July 02, 2011

I want to.....

I have lost touch, of blogging , cribbing or even writing something worth posting here. I am not sure what to tell.., With the introduction of twitter/buzz/facebook wall , what all you feel u can just put it there and you can release your anger/criticisms/cribbing or whatever, so I don't see much of blogging activity from my side in this place.

This post is all about I want to.....

I want to learn python (long time wish)
I want to blog regularly here so that i have some bookmarks of my life here which i can visit later.
I want to spend sometime about fitness.
I want to stop eating junk food.
I want to buy a MAC (weird but want to)
I want to find a new job!!!
I want to sleep .... ( Its been a long time since i had a nice sleep. I am not sure somehow i don't get to have sound sleep in recent times with all these crappy things going on in my brain)

That's all i can think as of now, this post is just to get myself back into the habit of blogging.

I use this blog mainly to put my thoughts and come back later in life and laugh about how silly i have written things here. I have already read few of my old posts and did a ROFL. ;) gives me happiness. :) .

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