Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New year 2013 !

I wish every one happy new year 2013 :).  Its been a rough journey for me in the year 2012. Last few days of 2012 were spent on getting treated for food poisoning caused because of eating food @ office canteen. So that will be big learning from 2012 is not to eat whatever comes in my way especially at public places.

So my REALISTIC goals for 2013 (i know it doesn't make any sense to share this here, but i usually use this blog to lol when i read it after few years from now... ;) )

* Eat healthy. Avoid spicy food.
* Talk less. (stop conversations when there is no point of it)
* Start reading books. ( My most ignored wish)
* Finish whatever i start ( for eg. Music classes/Gym/Keyboard lessons)
* Learn to swim (literally ,! also through problems of life ;) )

Thats all for this year. Even if i adopt/adapt 3 of the above throughout this year ! I will be happy :)

- Srinivas

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