Sunday, September 07, 2014

Rebooting the Blog

Its almost 2 years since i have written anything in this blog, and i can't even blame myself for this , lot of factors, first of all i went through some major irritating experience of life which prevented me from writing anything or doing any social networking activities, Now i think i have moved on , so starting off my old (probably best) practices :) .

Watched a few junk movies along the way, met some strange friends, learnt car driving, thought car driving to this guy. Went some places with my car and my friends car. Stayed with the same company for almost 3 years and regretting every single month why i am still there. 

As of now thoughts are just blank, But I am rebooting this blog and soon you can expect more , especially movie reviews, travel , more than anything definitely some Programming jokes (PJ).


1 comment:

Sandeep Shande said...

welcome back ! and thanks for teaching me car driving .. let's keep rocking with our chikku-bukku !