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Mathematics part II innodh dina post maadthini. Right now some thoughts on IndianCinema. From long time i was thinking of this type of blog but could not get time . Today i cam to office some 45 mins early so writing this from Emuzed.

So if u watch any new Hindi,Kannada Tamil or Telugu Movies , While watching u can guess the next scene or probably the entire movie because most of them are derived frm Class IndianCinema.

So the class is as follows.

enum Theme_Of_The_Movie{ Pyaar,Ishq,Mohabbat};

/* Parent class for all the movies in India Except few */
class IndianCinema
One_hero ,Some_times_many_heroes;

/* For your Kind info all of these are Virtual Functions */









/* Most of the times this song will be suprabatam song of M.S.Subbulakshmi and starts with Tulsi Katte [ god knows what they call it in english ] . Sometimes this song is of the Siron of Police van or Ambulence van carrying some BODY [waste one] */


/* This is usually an intro for the heroine .. This is most usual thing any director prefer to do . After Manirathnams's Roja . It usually focuses on the Basic village kinda.. song introducting heroine sometime even hero appears with this song */

/* The scene next to this will be usually introduction of Heroine's father */


/* This comes in the middle of the movie in order to satisfy the ppl who are waiting for this song.. Even if you delete this song It wont affect the movie. But in few movies this becomes the platform for the smugglers of the story to exchange their goods in the middle of the song and touch the women of Item Song */ or /* a party thrown by the main rowdy for his juniors */ /* or treat for great success */


IndianCinema::one_love_story ()
/* this is a must .. without this no movie will be a hit. Take any movie and search for thw word Love you get it. Including the old movies of god .. u find this universal word love It can be a single love story or muliple love story or triangle one. Where finally one guy sacrifices his love for his beloved friend . But because of this sacrifice she likes him and finally marries him , or if its a two heroine and a guy's story then one girl tries to be very simple and one girl will be vamp where hero will be followig vamp and finally realises true love and comes back to this simplest girl. this story ends with a big fight which is organised by that vamp in order to get this hero */


/* this is really wonderful part where u can easily watch foreign contries because most of the times these are shot in foreign countries. and where hero and heroine will dance like puppets. in these two songs one can be a sad song by a hero in two hero's movie or by aheroine in a two heroine's movie. between these two songs u can easily find a things which these ppl address as comedy. U can even find some wonderful circus tricks if its a Rajnikanth movie */


/* This is the usual case in Love stories. Either from girls dad or from guy's dad. this is because of the difference in their position . Rich poor factor . Rich uses the money for this thing. Finally film concludes that Rich and poor wont affect true love. And sometimes suddenly they run away from their houses and parents sent rowdy's to catch them. The difficulties and how they overcome will b the theme of the story */
/* Most of the times parents are villions */


/* This is some special case . In scientific stories . the Word "FORMULA " FLoppy with FORMULA is the wondeful fact of the story where a scientist finds a formula and the vilion tries to get that formula and they fight with each other. rowdy's give trouble to the family of the scientist. and the hero finally demonstrates his patriortism and saves the FORMULA ..even sacrificing his love which finally comes as a gift. */

/* One more extra fitting can be BRAIN TUMOR or HEART Disease where the hero or heroine are facing this medical problems inspite of which they love and finally because of the love they cure that disorder. or the hero or heroine having this disease suddenly acts like hating other one in order to save the other life from marrying him/her */


/* "Dusta Shikshana Sista Rakshana " is the major theme in indian movies. which follow the same rule and finally dusta sikshana happens in the climax . some 80 % of the movies climax will b the fight. where hero even after having 10 bullets in his body fights and finally recovers in hospital because of heroine's touch... but villions die single handedly by hero's single bullet. and sometimes this end may be sligtly different where hero finally convinces the heroine that he is loving heroine and they get married.. and ends witha silly Joke.

In some unusual movoies cimax hero / heroine might die... but this is not a successful formula....



Thats all for the day I hope u agree with this.. if u have any virtual functions which u want to insert to this class please mail me..


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