Thursday, May 25, 2006

Da Vinci Code!!!

Hi All,

Finally i got two tickets for the movie Da Vinci Code so this saturday wil be going to watch the Movie "DA Vinci Code" along with Rahul.

Initially plan was to watch the movie with 5 other friends but that plan was not sure so Rahul booked the tickets so going with him. This Sunday my friend Raghu is moving out of Bangalore . He will be going to Mysore for training in Infosys. I hope i will meet him on Saturday and wish him all the best for his future ventures.

Well, My job is going on .. fine... Since i shifted from my team to another one . Its taking time to adjust and get trained to that environment. Thank god finally out of GUI development. I really enjoyed it a lot but i wanted to work on something other GUI .thanks to my new PM for recruiting me to his Team.

when i left college , was wondering where i will land up??? but my luck and blessings of the god kept me in a place where i am really comfortable. I really enjoyed in this Company, We work on Mobile Multimedia. Some otherday i will explain about my office/work.

Still miss those old/golden college days , its been an year after i left college but still feel that i am on a summer holiday. Nowadays eventhough i dont have much work i am bit relaxed. When i was in the other team even after not having work i used to feel the pressure /tension in my mind weather i will get some good work other than GUI or not , weather i will be allowed to move to other team or not!!! etc ,

But now after i moved into new team feeling bit relaxed , Eventhough not much work i am assured that i will get work some or the otherday[may be in near future..

Thats all for this personal post...

- Srini

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