Monday, May 15, 2006

Reservations Reservations!!!

Hi All,

U all might be aware of this reservation issues. Actually i usually dont read news papers and dont like to watch News. If at all i am free i will check only the special editions because they are all more colorful and wont contain any political issues as i dont like politics and till now i have never voted in any elections.

But yesterday i read students fighting against reservation for students. so went through papers . The result of that reading is this post. Only thought i got after reading the papers is "Why these politicians Suck!!!!" . Yes

My knowledge about history is also not good but according to my knowledge , why there is special consideration for few castes is because they suffered a lot one time and they were being treated really badly. So as a result of that they get few benefits from government.

I agree they were treated really sad those days and i agree for whatever benefits etc they are getting now.. But if i think from another point of view ... only question is .. how Long???

yes how long they are going to get benefits... this is not acceptable.. because its already 55 yrs we got independence .. the ppl who suffered those times might not exist today even if they exist .. they got benefits from past 50 yrs thats not enough???

Please any one of should not feel bad because i said this... But we are all same and we are all human beings. We should be treated equally.

Okay now i dont want the government to take out the benefits.. but whatever they are getting is enough... why more... 50% is really insane. If this happens .. someday the other castes which dont get any will have to apply for benefits...

This is the reason i dont vote .. because whoever comes as an elected member he just works for his benefit.. why the hell i should spend my precious time on going to the election booth and get a black mark on my finger....

Thats all for the day....



Unknown said...

Raajakeeya asht sulabha allamma! There are lot many things to be done!

I strictly oppose this and really am angry with Ambedkar to bring in the reservation! Even after introduction, there should have been a limit! But this is goin all along!

Anonymous said...

WTF...What do u think will happen if u don't vote...this is precisely the mentality of educated people that is leading our nation to ruin...Vote for the candidate who is lesser evil...but always complete the citizens duty...When educated people vote, only then can we usher in a changed India...Running away from the problem never gives a solution