Saturday, May 06, 2006

Unlimited to Limited!!!

Hi all,

Yes its party time. Let me tell u what it is , The momnet i got my airtel braodband bill i was shocked it was some 1300R.S. I have taken Airtel unlimited 128 kbps line for rs 699 + 10.2% of service charges/tax.

But one fine day i got a call from airtel saying that i am the 1/1000th customer to get this lucky call through which i get an additional offer of free calls with my landline where i need to pay extra amount of 300 Rs where all other users pay 499 for this plan, I thought since i get more free calls, i decided to go for that plan [ What a way bo make Bakra ]

today i called airtel ppl and asked abou this thing they said they dont know anything about that offer and i am charged 699+499+10.2% of tax. What the hell,

I decided to cancel the plan, but the airtel guy informed me that i cant quit the plan there is only chances of changin the plan, i thought what is this torture.

But finally he suggested a plan which says i need to pay 799+10.2 % of tax for which i get 256 kbps speed and unlimited browsing and 1GB download and upload limit.

First i asked that guy to confirm is it true that browsing is free. because in BSNL 500 plan they consider browsing also as downloading . So i asked him to transfer me to technical team but he told he himself is the technical guy and ensured that browsing is complelely free,

Since nowadays i am not much browsing nor my borther does.. so changed my plan,

So now with 256 kbps i can rock , only pain is i have to check my account in order to prevent airtel ppl from fooling me in the name of special offer.

So you guys also take care your bills, because we cant trust anybody nowadys hidden charges etc will ruin life...


One more funny incident i had already told u guys that i have lost my wallet. i had also lost one credit card and its PIN no.
When i complained about this and blocked the card .
She asked me weather i lost the pin also along with the card, i said "yes"

So she asked me to go to the police station nearby and asked me to give a complaint that i have lost the card and pin and i am not responsible for the manual transactions of this card.

First i was surprized to hear police coming between me and my card.. finally she told
according to her

Electronic transaction = purchasing anything from card swiping
Manual transaction = taking money from CreditCard ATM's with the PIn

So she said she can only block the electronic transaction it seems, so they dont have any way to block this so called Manual Transaction...

Its really hopeless system whenever u insert the card [ which is lost] they can easily find that and they can block or they can swallow the card.. but they said its not possible.

I never wanted to give any complaint and all so kept myself shut.. So if u guys find my wallet u can enjoy with my card and pin ....

So never loose card and pin otherwise u have to go to police station [ when u are getting card no police nothing but when u loose u have to do all sort of circus ]



Unknown said...

Ella kade bakra aagtheeyallo maharaaya!

INnmelaadru swalpa hushaaragiru!

Anonymous said...

maga be careful man.. if your card falls into some girls hand ashte nina account yella hange kahli agbidathe..
and coming to hidden charges.. maga use sify they have most transparent billing system..

Nitya said...

Maga how much can u donwload on a 128kbps line go in for unlimited 256kbps or higher man. I download at least 25GB of Data every month on my Sify BroadBand for a rental of Rs.1100/-

Check my blog to know what all i download.