Thursday, January 05, 2006

Somany Changes in Life!!!

This is my posting for this New Year 2006. On this occassion i felt like writing letter to one of my frined [ not email normal letter] then i realised that i forgot my handwriting..????
Yup its been a long time i wrote anything by hand . Because of Computer my hands never got any chance of writing using Pen/Pencil.

I tried some three four times. then i was able to get my rhytham back. Then i was thinking are there any other changes in my life???? then one by one i realised that...

1.My handwriting changed Majorly because of lack of practise.
2.I Cant keep in touch with my friends as i used to do in College as everyone are busy with their own jobs.
3.I Cant sleep for long time execpt on Sundays and Saturdays.
4.For having one Holiday i need to inform My project Manager. which snatched my freedom!!!
5.I cant sing songs in Office which i used to do in College in my free time.

These things made me feel sad for a moment, but some good things are also there
1. I will be paid for the work I do.
2. I will have good amount of money which i never used to have in college days,
3. I am getting new friends.
4. I am working on something which was not possible during college days.

But in whichever angle i think . this thinking was not balancing. what to do.??

Nothing can be done ..This is Life!!!

Ok Thats all for this post.

- nanuseena


Sunil Jagadish said...

Its a paradox. When one is in college, we keep dreaming of a job, good salary, gaadi, bungalow.. sab kuch. After joining a company, we think the other way round. :)

I still have 1.5 years more to go before I am out of college.

Srinivas B.P said...

We usually think about things ahead of us and forget the joy of what we are having ... and realise when we loose what we had!!!
Thats life.

Unknown said...

It doesn't matter! You should accept whats happening and move on with it Seena!