Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is God greater than Human ???

Actually i wanted to write "Devdas vs Finding Nemo" But i felt this is important so postponed that topic for my next post.

Well while writing this post , i am really sad!! Today i read in news paper that hundreds of people dying in Mecca Stampede.

According to me God is great!! Infact really great for creating this world. But it doesnt mean that in the name of God u can do anything!!

I seriously pity on people who think "praying hard u can reach god". If u love god then atleast u dont kill anybody that too on a stampede. I agree because of the environment people act crazy but i think everyone will have some amount of common sense which should prevent them from this kind of mass murders.

Sometimes it happens that you have to save your life and you will be running and u step on other person , but when u go to pray god i dont think u have to run for lives, Some amount of decipline can save many people.

I am not targetting for Mecca stampede its just an example, We often read in News Papers people dying because of the stampede.

Sometimes even i read in papers people dying because of stampede in Q's for getting Kerosene, Amarnath Yatra, Dying in Ayyappa Darshanam ...

Hope in my life I will try to avoid myself becoming cause for somebody else's death. that too on a stampede.Never!!!!

The thought of becoming a murderer is so cheap ... I dont know How people accept these things.

Thats all for the day!!!


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