Sunday, January 08, 2006

To Divide is to Rule!!!! and "Kaat" culture!!!

Hi Everyone there,

What is "Kaat" !!! Its not the one on which u sleep[cot] its a different and very famous word among us. Ok directly into the topic . Most of the times i have observed my friends even my colleagues using this special term "Kaat" Its used to address people from TamilNadu!!
Surprized.... Even i was when i heard it for the first time.

Ok i will come to that point after some time . Let me start the first topic " To divide is to Rule".

Why we divide things!!! it can be community, people, program, Code for that matter. We divide that particular entity to handle it in a comfortable manner precisely rule it.

It will be difficult for the government to handle whole India at a strech. So India is divided into states,districts,cities, etc etc ... So that it will be easy to handle small amount in a comfortable manner.

So accordingly each and every state has its own culture , Language, so as a whole we are Indians. So Being INDIANS we should respect whole India and thereby each and every culture existing in India.

But usually this wont happen. We usually will be quarreling with each other and blaming others for the cause.

When i enquired about this "Kaat" the answers i got are funny.
They hate Tamilians because
1. they wear funny dresses[especially green],
2.they are not clean,
3. they are illiterate,
4.they are partial towards tamilians.

Few of my friends say that when someone went to TamilNadu for a job, he suffered a lot so thats the reason this guy[my friend] hate Tamilians and call them Kaat.

Quite often i face this question --->[ when i meet them after a long time]

Hi Maga How many Kannadigaa's are there in your company!! In My company more kaat's and people from kerala, !!!!! [ they nag their faces]....

---------------> This is really sad. I pity on people who think like this. Actually this is Kaat culture.

My definition of Kaat is :

Kaat is the person who thinks people from other states are sad[ kaat]...


I do agree !! sometimes we we face problems when we are trying to live in diffrent community and it becomes little difficult to adjust. It doesn't mean that they are kaat.

So i dont know how many of you agree for this. According to me we are all Indians and we should never waste time on such silly things. Thats what i wanted to say. Being Kannadigaa's we should always open our hearts for other culture and language also.

We should always try to find new things and learn new things explore diffrent culture and try to find some good things. leaving all that if we think --->that is kaat, i hate it and this is kerala i dont like it!!! then we are the loosers.

For all the people who hate tamilians i would like to say one thing-->

Sir. C.V.Raman is from Tamil Nadu and he is the first person to get Noble for India.

Ok thats all for the day!!!


Sabarish said...

Nice post!

I hate racist people and ideologies. And its about time we all stopped being racist even by mistake.

I have seen people who hear stories of Americans treating Indians badly and curse those Americans for being racist, but these same people curse non-kannadigas for coming to Karnataka!

All this inter-state and inter-language disputes need to stop. Doesnt make sense.

As you rightly said - we are Indians first and we shouldnt forget that.

Prav said...
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Prav said...

Hi Seena,
I quite agree with what you have to say about the racial discrimination part of it.
But I don't agree with you when you say, we should open our hearts to them as kannadigas. Its good if everyone reciprocates the same culture. I am sure we are not given the same treatment in chennai or elsewhere. I love tamil culture, tamil food and tamil people. But I guess Kannadigas are over-accomodative. It's good to be accomodative but its become too much, so much so that kannadigas are the people who are the most mugged people in Bangalore. Hmmm, i think the discussion goes on.

Bang me back!!

Sabarish said...

Well true we should all stop discrimination...but sometimes I feel it is more political than personal.

It's like the India-Pakistan war. The people honestly don't give a damn and just want to be friends with each other. But the politicians and the terrorist groups create an atmosphere of fear and hatred, without which they cannot survive. So ultimately the people lose out and are affected.

Unknown said...

Ha Ha!

I know that Seena has written this post thinking of me.! I'm Damn sure.

Yup! I may be a racist but for a good reason!

I'll write this in Kannada coz many reading this cant comprehend my Kanglish.

Those who say who dont hate Tamilians, just go to K.R.Market, Shivajinagar, VivekNagar any Tamilians concentrated area for that matter.

Look at the way they they literally litter the place. The way they live is really more than Hopeless.

I can give ya lot of comments but wont do that here.

Interested ones check out my blog where i'm gonna post my comments on this topic in Detail.

And Seena, FYI, Sir C.V.Raman got his Nobel being in Bangalore! IISc.

Srinivas B.P said...

I never target anybody with my blog. I agree that i came to know the work Kaat from Sandesh.

I have gone to K.R.Market and i have visited many places where tamilians live. I agree that places look sad. But u find mess everywhere. and what is special about kaat.[ as if u dont find dirt anywhere in Karnataka]

Regarding C.V.Raman [ why i mentioned is to give example] he got Nobel Prize because of his talent not because of IISC [ May be IIsc provided him the opportunity to explore things but Nobel prize is for Individual effort not because of IISC] :)

Hope i am clear from my side

Nitya said...
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Nitya said...

Well to be honest I am a Racist too. I believe they are the cheapest people after muslims. They hardly have any ethics in life. They always try to cheat others and come up in life.

There are a few exceptions like our President Genius Abdul Kalam Azaad. But more theifs like our Fm Mr.Chidambaram and Mani Shankar Aiyer.In our company too there are many kaats. They bloody spoil the scene where ever they go. Im ok with Mallu's and Andhrites but I hate Kaats. They cant earn their bread out there in their land and they bloody come and loot our state Karnataka.

I better stop here. Its definitely worth a debate.

Srinivas B.P said...

Ethics is personal matter.Which wont come because of the region they stay!!! I dont know in which century u are living in. Anyways thanks for the comments .

Sad to hear that u are racist Nithin.

Sabarish said...

How can you generalise that Tamilians are dirty and only cheaters? Are you telling that Kannadigas are exceptionally clean and don't cheat or commit murder or rape? Oh please how absolutely pathetic and narrow minded you guys are. For every tamil cheater you name I can name a kannadiga or a maharashtrian or an assamese etc etc.

It's just the way the world revolves. The localites always critisize those who come from outside.

Stop saying nonsense dudes. I am a tamilian myself and find it sad to hear you people speak like this.

Karthick said...

Its a nice disussion.
But to be frank, wherever u go there are can't say onlt Tamilianss are cheaters. Just an example, there are few (FEW!!!) landlords in KT getting high rents for a small house and many more to say... It happens in most of the other places too.. !!!