Friday, June 16, 2006

Part Time Jobs!!!

Hi all,

U might be thinking whats this heading . This time i just want to discuss my thoughts on part time jobs . As you all know what a part time job means. I just ask one question

What do you do on Saturday and Sundays!!! ????
At present myself i spent satuday in home doing nothing . watch a movie watch tv . On sundays i just go to meet friends watch some dabba movies [as not many good movies] thats it .

2 days i just spend it like as if there is nothing to do. Few months back i used to go to college to guide juniors for their linux and Qt projects. But now i am jobless on saturday.
Actually speaking i just feel really bugged/bored on saturday and sundays.

So i was just thinking why not a part time job which fetches me some money for my work. May be that amount will be less but if it satisfies my Petrol requirements i am happy. Atleast 1000 Rs per weekend can help me to satisfy my mobile requirements.

If you are not so much keen on earning . Earn and donate to few institutions. Here the question is not on Money . question is how can u spend time in a meaningful manner. If you dont want money , go and work as Ivolunteer organizations which tries to help ppl in fullfilling basic requirements.

Few days back i did a part-time job of data entry for NAB which is basically an institution for Blinds. One of my collegue suggested me to do that . I converted few pages of text into Digital format which laterly converted to Brail . So I really enjoyed doing it . though it was not an easy task . As i had to type some 30-40 pages. But later once i finished it . I was really happy that i was able to help ppl.

So now after guiding 3 projects also i am happy because i was able to share my knowledge. So some times i have heard my friends saying it will overload the brain and u need to relax. I dont think i am getting overloaded from my work. Anyways doing a data entry in my house is very easy compared to myself roaming around the streets of Bangalore.

I dont know from past few weeks i am not at all enjoying the weekends and i am getting feelings like Why not a part time job!!!!!!

I really feel happyt when i do something extra than something which i am already done with. I was just thinking what all i can do .. I can teach subjects like c/c++/linux/qt or atleast i can do kannada / English data entry.

Let me see another two / three weeks . If i still get bugged i will definitely try to do some part time job. If you ppl find some links where u can do a part time job please suggest me some.

Thats all !!!

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Unknown said...

Ella kelsanu ondhalla ondh dina bore aagaththe kanla! Neen en maadtheeyo andanna enjoy maadu saaku!

Ninge ee thara kelsa maadodralli khushi sigaththandre adanne shuru hachchko!